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Heartwarming / Seraviel's Manager

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  • Taylor giving Sveta a human body.
    • Sveta's reaction when she finds out she's human again is pure fluff. She just starts dancing all around the room, touching things that she never go a chance to before.
    • Then there's Dragon who's willing to go against orders to help Sveta escape.
  • The way everyone treats T as though she were her own person, Taylor going out of her way not to experiment with the Clone shard just because she thinks it might harm her.
  • Danny's reaction to finding out about Taylor's powers. He's so supportive of what she's doing, and makes it a point to tell her how proud he is of her.
    • Likewise, how Danny treats T as though she were another daughter.
  • Kid Win and T's interactions are just so full of geeky, Tinker filled fluff.
    • Kid Win deciding to go against orders and risk dying to help T fight off Lung.
    • Gallant very much approves the relationship, feeling how Kid is happy to have found a Tinker (girl)friend.
  • Seeing Armsmaster opening to Arsenal - Taylor's rogue Tinker persona - is quite endearing. When he dies, Miss Militia reflects Arsenal would have probably become his friend.
  • The interactions between Taylor, Lisa, T, Brian, and Sveta. The five of them get along so well, and are pretty much the good counterparts to Cauldron.
  • Taylor making it clear to Rachel that when she gives the latter more powers, that it won't do her dogs any harm.

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