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Heartwarming / Secret Wars (2015)

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It's the end of the Marvel Universe as we (and they) know it, there's bound to be some of these.

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     Last Days 
  • In the last hours of the street level people in the Mighty Avengers, YOU were there saving lives too. That is right- EVERY SINGLE READER was a giant badass all along, and capable of kicking as much ass like every other superhero.
  • The final pages of Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #9, with a doctor checking up on a patient (which is more or less implied to be the reader), brought to him after saving a group of children from falling rubble and rescued by Luke Cage and Iron Fist. He points out that both you and he were members of the Mighty Avengers and we all should be proud to be an Avenger to the very end.
    • Luke Cage spending his last moments with his wife Jessica and their daughter.
  • Loki's first deed at the end of everything? Trying to find a way to save Verity. Aww. If only they were less Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant about it.
  • In the end of everything, Kamala finally gets to meet her idol, Carol Danvers, the former Ms. Marvel-now Captain Marvel. Though she doesn't say anything yet about her using the old Ms. Marvel name, Carol is very supportive of Kamala's heroics and even tells her the other heroes feel the same way.
    • Right before the end comes, Kamala finds out that her mother knows that she's Ms. Marvel and is proud to have a righteous daughter, makes peace with Alpha Bitch Zoe, and has a heartfelt talk with Bruno just before everything goes white.

     Secret Wars (main title) 
  • Even though the situation is hopeless in Issue #1 of Secret Wars, Spider-Man still makes an effort to save the citizens of New York.
  • Bullseye and Kingpin drinking side by side at Kingpin's "End of the World" party, especially since it's been awhile since the two had been seen together.
  • The fact that Doctor Doom, one of Marvel's greatest villains, is still fighting for the future of the human race whereas his rival Mr. Fantastic has all but broken down.
  • Doctor Doom was ready to have the royal family of Avalon publicly executed for one man's betrayal. Just as he is pronouncing sentence, Susan Storm asks him humbly to show mercy. Doom tenderly touches her hand, and grants mercy.
  • Doom has not only saved Valeria, he is raising her as his own child, and given her a position of responsibility and power.
  • Peter Parker and Miles Morales are happy to see each other when the 616 Raft is opened. It's refreshing for them both to see a familiar face... er, mask, after all the insanity they've endured.
  • Susan Storm showing Doom that she isn't afraid of the scarred ruin that is his face. For the first time EVER we, the readers, are finally allowed to see what lies under the mask, to know what it is that Susan sees.
  • Another for Susan: in issue #4, she and Doom watch the Cabal and the Life Boat 616ers fight. She recognizes Reed among them, and says he's special.
  • Stephen Strange saves several people from Doom's wrath, knowing it will cost him his life.
  • Minor villain example at the beginning of #6. Despite being scattered to different parts of Battleworld by Sheriff Strange the issue before, and not knowing anything about Battleworld's geography, Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight still managed to find each other, apparently prioritizing their spouse over their master, Thanos.
  • Issue # 8. "Hello, Susan."
  • Yes, Doom is still a Villain Protagonist, but when Thanos gives Doom a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, the titan tells Doom that he doesn't understand how to be a proper god. Thanos says that Doom is desperately trying to save things, while he, Thanos, would wield his power in absolute judgement of all beneath him. Doom is not what one would consider a gentle or kind person by most reasonable standards, but recalling the events from issue #2, a simple request from Susan to grant mercy had Doom comply without protest. As tyrannical and overbearing as Doom is, Thanos' comparison shows that Doom genuinely does care about helping and saving people. Of course, what follows Thanos' speech falls into Awesome moments.
  • Reed has many intellectual and emotional problems with what Doom did the the multiverse, but the one thing he hates the most? "YOU STOLE MY FAMILY!"
  • After Owen Reece gives the Beyonder's power to Reed instead of Doom, Reed explains to Susan that it's all about managing fear, about learning to let go, rather than being too afraid of losing things that you hold them too tightly. As he's saying this, we're shown Doctor Doom removing his mask, and finding his face whole underneath it. The final panel is of Victor Von Doom laughing, not maniacally, but in genuine happiness. Despite all the enmity between them, Reed repaired Victor's face, proving that not only is Reed Richards a better god than Victor Von Doomnote , he's a better man.
  • In a flashback, Owen Reece tells Miles Morales that he owes him one for the burger. Cut to eight months later, and Miles and Peter are about to patrol the city. A city in which Miles' mother is still alive.
    • We also get this nice bonding moment between Peter and Miles in the new universe.
    Peter: You wanna go beat up some bad guys, Spider-Man?
    Miles: Oh, hell yes!
    • It's also nice to see Peter and Miles finally able to work together in the long term, as all of their prior team-ups (in Spider-Men, Spider-Verse, and naturally Secret Wars) were unfortunately short-lived.
  • The ending has Reed and Franklin rebuilding the Multiverse together. This, along with the idea that Doom should have at elast tried to restore the Multiverse, is a call back to Hickman's Fantastic Four run. In that run, always trying and parenthood were recurring themes, and the "Celestial Saga" ends with Reed teaching Franklin to fly for the first time, after neglecting him for so long. At the same time, Franklin's imagination was shown to be its own superpower, and what made his Reality Warping possible. Both characters have taken the lessons they learned during that run, as well as the moral Reed so strongly believes in, and have used it to save and recreate the Multiverse.

     War Zones 

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

  • This variant cover for Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 by Skottie Young is a mix of cuteness and this for Peter/MJ shippers.
  • Shocker refusing to attack Annie, despite being a spider-powered kid in the process of whooping him and his friends. It's nice to know that even in a Bad Future, he still has his standards.

1602: Witch Hunter Angela



  • In A-Force we have Nico Minoru and America Chavez being Happily Adopted by Loki. Nico has always been sort of an Iron Woobie in Runaways and while not a prone to angst, America has been living on the streets since she was a kid. And people who followed Loki's redemption quest since Journey into Mystery enjoy a version of the character who is not only accepted by others as a hero, but started a family on her own. It's heartwarming to see how close they are. Which makes it that much more of a tearjerker that Loki is the mole whose actions led to America getting banished to the Shield. This also makes A-Force Loki worse than the main one ever was he at least had some standards includig not trying to destroy his home (actually that was the most surefire way to get him side with the heroes).

Age of Apocalypse (2015)

Armor Wars (2015)

Captain Britain and The Mighty Defenders

  • At the end of the story, Doom allows Yinsen City to stay independent after his experiment results in a peaceful accord between them and Mondo City. There are pragmatic reasons for this too, as it gives dissidents a haven to "escape" to instead of making trouble for him, but it's still a sign that there is a more merciful side to Doom.
  • White Tiger calling Hobie "Spider-Man" instead of "Spider Hero" (no hyphen). All he wanted to do was continue the legacy of his fallen friend, and that moment is when it's acknowledged by someone else that he's doing it.

Captain Marvel and The Carol Corps

Civil War (2015)

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars

  • It turns out that the real reason why Colossus wasn't able to wish Zsaji back to life at the end of the original Secret Wars is because Deadpool already had, and wished for her to have a happy, peaceful life with her people somewhere far away so that she wouldn't get hurt by being around superheroes again.

E is for Extinction

  • In the second issue:
    • While Cyclops' X-Men battle Magneto's X-Men, Beak accidentally smashes Martha's container. Xorn steps forward and helps Martha by placing her inside Glob Herman's body, which will give her a chance to heal while Glob heals. Xorn then assures her that, even though at this moment they are adversaries, it doesn't make them enemies.
    • When the battle between Xorn and Magneto over the Phoenix Egg is revealed, Angel and Beak's immediate response is realizing they have to get to their kids.

Future Imperfect (2015)

Giant-Size Little Marvel: a vs. x

Guardians of Knowhere

Hail Hydra

Hank Johnson, Agent of HYDRA

House of M (2015)

Howard The Human

Inferno (2015)

  • Madelyne Pryor being all motherly with young Cable, especially since she never got to spend much time with Cable in the main universe.
    • Having Nathan in her life might have (slightly) mellowed her, as she seemed to have dropped the grudge on Jean Grey and Cyclops (while still keeping a "screw you" attitude).

The Infinity Gauntlet (2015)

  • The close relationship the Bakian family share in The Infinity Gauntlet is very natural and nice to watch. They all clearly love each other, even if father and grandfather like to bicker.
  • In second issue everything related to return of the mother, it's just sweet to see the family reunited. Also, Anwen forgiving her for leaving.

Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos

M.O.D.O.K. Assassin

Old Man Logan (2015)

  • Old Man Logan meets Earth-616's Emma Frost and O5 Jean Grey. Both telepaths, after reading his mind, notice how broken he is. Then Emma hugs him.

Planet Hulk (2015)

  • In Planet Hulk, it's touching to see that even a Gladiator Steve Rogers still cares about Bucky Barnes. For that matter, this version of Steve also cares deeply about Devil Dinosaur.

Secret Wars 2099


  • The Venom Symbiote calling Flash Thompson its friend, and saying that it will miss him.

Spider-Verse (2015)

Squadron Sinister


Where Monsters Dwell

X-Tinction Agenda

Years of Future Past


Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies


Ghost Racers

  • Robbie Reyes spending time out of his party to be with Gabe. It's made very clear within Ghost Racers that Robbie races and wins specifically so that Gabe can continue to live a good and comfortable life. He wins specifically for his little brother, and does not let his fame get to his head despite his winning streak. That's one awesome brotherly bond.

The Inhumans: Attilan Rising

  • Despite it also being incredibly heartbreaking, the ending of the mini-series has a bit of a Fridge Moment when you think about it: Doom restarts his experiment but with Black Bolt and Medusa in switched positions, but he also implies that this isn't the first time he's gotten the same results. Black Bolt and Medusa always find each other again. Their love is a multiversal constant.

The Korvac Saga (2015)

Marvel Zombies

Master of Kung-Fu

  • The final issue has a few:
    • Red Sai reveals to Rand K'ai that the real reason why Shang Chi killed Rand's master was because she had been sent to do so before and failed. Zheng Zhu was going to kill her and her entire family if Shang Chi didn't succeed where she had failed. This allows Rand to forgive Shang Chi, so long as he makes good on his promise to defeat Zheng Zhu.
    • And when Shang Chi does defeat Zheng Zhu, it's with a technique that he created himself in an attempt to help his disciple Kitten become tangible again. As he put it to Zheng Zhu, he learned as much from his students as he did from his father and former master.

Red Skull


Secret Love

  • The fact that Danny Rand named his and Misty's daughter after his best friend Luke, just how Luke and Jessica named their daughter after Danny.

Secret Wars Journal

  • In issue 3, we see a Doc Samson from Greenland who is seriously pessimistic over the fact that humanity is slowly turning into a rampaging storm of Hulks. However, after he talks to a Peter Parker and helps gives him hope over it, giving him the Comes Great Responsibility speech, Samson comes to believe that there's hope after all.


Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde


  • As the Thors fly off to final battle against Dr. Doom, Ultimate Thor confides in the female Thor that he knows she's Jane Foster and is quite proud of her.

Ultimate End

  • 616 Tony and Ultimate Tony bonding with each other. Ultimate Tony even apologizes for offering 616 Tony beer.
  • The final issue has Miles being tearfully reunited with his mother, alive and well in the All-New, All-Different Marvel universe.

X-Men '92


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