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Heartwarming / Scream: The TV Series

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  • Emma comforting Brooke after Riley's death, assuring her that it wasn't her fault.
  • Likewise, Audrey giving Noah a shoulder when he's grieving, going so far as suggesting they form a Buddy Cop Show, Bicurious and the Virgin to catch the killer.
  • Brooke selecting nail polish to wear to Riley's memorial service, eventually settling on one she believes Riley would have approved of.
  • There's something sweet about Jake assuring Brooke that he, at least, doesn't want her dead because he needs at least one woman to be unattainable.
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  • Brooke gets one in Episode 5, when a girl casually sits at Riley's desk in class, Brooke snaps at her to move someplace else, saying that that will forever be Riley's seat.
  • Audrey and Brooke having a heart to heart during the party in the season finale. It serves to show just how much closer the murder spree has made everybody.
  • Jake staying to watch Brooke after the gang rescues her from the freezer Ghostface trapped her in.
  • A little background moment in the season finale, but as the camera pans out over the dock, Emma can be seen crawling over to her mother to check if she's okay.
  • The artwork Gustavo makes of Noah following Zoe's death. They may not be the closest friends, but it's clear from those drawings that Gustavo looks up to Noah in a way.
  • Some of Eli's attempts to flirt with Emma, especially when it's revealed that he isn't the killer.
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  • Some of the aftermath montage of season 2, including Brooke now living with the Ascota's following her fathers death, and Emma and Audrey going to the movies together.



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