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Heartwarming / Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

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  • In "Trouble in Paradise", Wonder Woman helps one of the Amazons to her feet after beating her in a jousting match, saying she "fought with honor" and calling her "sister." The nameless Amazon smiles and says, "Thank you, Princess Diana."
  • In "Future Shocked"note , after finding out Elroy was behind the scheme, hoping to scare everyone away from the office so he could see his father again, Mr. Spacely says that perhaps he's been making George work too hard.
  • In "Space Case", Jan and Jace mock Mystery Inc and Earth in general for being primitive. Space Ghost scolds them and says it doesn't matter how technologically advanced they are, they are still people.
  • In "Perils Before Swine", Now that Sylvester Sneakly has been exposed as the Hooded Claw and arrested, Dum-Dum points out that Penelope won't need the Ant Hill Mob to protect her. Penelope says that she may not need protectors anymore, but she'll always need her friends.