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Heartwarming / Savage Dragon

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  • In Dragon's origin story, we are introduced to Kurr as he explains what he wants his people to do to the human race, "Kill them. Kill them all." Several years later, after a rather intense storyline that saw the return of Kurr and his many atrocities that would follow, we are introduced to Kurr's successor, Krull, who watches over as Kurr's super weapon begins slaughtering the human race. His words? "Save them. Save them all." Admittedly they didn't actually do much to help, as almost everyone was dead, but still.
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  • From the same and preceding issue, we have Virus-Dragon reawaken to see the massacre as Kurr punches his kids into dust. Virus!Dragon is technically a clone, and last we saw he was actually trying to kill his kids. He instantly attacks Overlord and exclaims, "Hey! Those are my kids you're beating up on!" Since he actually failed to save them, the heartwarming part is moreso fuelled by the fact that the Dragon we all know was finally back after about eighteen issues. Though now, he's dead again.
  • In # 172, Malcolm is the speaker at graduation. His math teacher, Mr. Apples, is heavily opposed to this because he thinks Malcolm is a poor student who gets away with things thanks to his celebrity superhero status (everyone else thinks it's because Mr. Apples was crippled in a football accident involving a player with superpowers). Malcolm, however, thinks of Apples' behavior towards him as Tough Love, and at the ceremony, he commends his math teacher for being so principled and treating him with the strict discipline that made him a better man. Then he asks the other students to give the teacher a round of applause. As they clap, Apples happily sheds a Single Tear.


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