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Heartwarming / Sapphire and Steel

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Assignment 2

  • When Sapphire breaks out of the Darkness's possession and falls into her partner's arms. Made even more powerful and poignant by featuring Steel's one and only smile in the entire series.

Big Finish Audios

  • Silver's interactions ( and concern for) Mary in All Fall Down are positively adorable.
  • In Water Like A Stone, Ruby, after acting rather stand-offish and cold towards her for most of the episode, absolutely freaks when she believes that Sapphire is dead.
  • Likewise, Ruby's rescue of Sapphire and Steel in Second Sight and her hastily concealed relief at seeing them back in action. Also, her interactions with the other Sapphire and Steel towards the end, and her remark about how she thinks they might actually work quite well.
    • Also, Steel, of all people, breaking the rules.
    • Sapphire and Steel get a Big Damn Kiss. But not quite in the way that you'd expect...
  • Sapphire gives Steel some candy at the beginning of Remember Me, knowing full well what his reaction will be. She appears to be enjoying herself quite a bit.