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  • Everything from the episode "Fata Morgana" that isn't tearjerking. The team travels to a crypt in an island off the coast of Scotland; after defeating the crypt keepers they find three women in comatose state. They bring them back to the Sanctuary for care, where it is determined that the sisters have been held prisoner for 1,200 years. After they awaken, Will tries to help and comfort them, mostly because he thinks they're a little crazy in the head. It turns out the sisters are the Morrígan, who were created with the intention of destroying man. In the meantime, a group of mercenaries known as the Cabal have found out the Morrígan are missing and in order to regain what they see as their "property" head to the Sanctuary ready to kill. During the fight between Magnus and the Cabal, Will desperately keeps trying to teach the sisters to fight for their freedom. When the team is surrounded by the mercenaries the sisters surrender to the mercenaries who in exchange spare the team's lives. Will believes his teachings of freedom may have gotten through to them after all.
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  • From "Revelations": Two times two equals infinity.
  • A painful one, but when Helen finally tracks John down and finds him sick and close to death, she takes care of him, trying to ensure he survives. Once he's unconscious in bed, she crawls in beside him. Its not actually a romantic moment like many fans have previously believed it to be, but a small quiet moment of vulnerability for Magnus. This shows us that she can only really feel comfortable with John when he's unconscious. More tragic than heartwarming really.
  • Awakening, When Tesla is critically injured by the Laser beam in the Vampire stronghold, Helen is so desperate not to loose him she offers to revamp him with the vampire Queen, Athena's, Blood. Tesla is pleasantly shocked by her suggestion and admits that he "has never been more attracted to her than at that moment". Helen first tries the stunner beam to break through the crystal encasing the Vampire Queen, but it proves ineffective and Nikola had fallen unconscious due to blood loss, she kneels by his side and cradles his face calling his name multiple times, but he is unresponsive. In an act of wild desperation she gently releases Nikola and picks up a rock and hits the purple crystal encasing Athena multiple times until it cracks so she can obtain a sample of her blood. Once obtained she injected Nikola with it and cupped his face, stroking it desperately pleading for him to fight.

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  • From the episode "Resistance" When Henry has been taken by the interdimensional creature, Magnus and Tesla have discovered his tracking beckon and that he might still be alive. Tesla, at first, is a bit hesitant to attempt the rescue as he is concerned with his potential to make a critical if not fatal error. Helen, despite being hurt and angry at him for working for her enemy, encourages him by saying she has faith in him. Her words seem to resonate deeply with Tesla and he agrees almost immediately after her confession. He also ensures that he is the one to go through the portal to get Henry, as he didn't want Helen to be effected by the radiation poisoning.