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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
One big happy family.

They may be a pretend family, but their affection for each other slowly stops being fake.


  • Overall, despite both of them knowingly being in a fake marriage, Loid and Yor are very respectful of one another, constantly considering how the other might feel, and never argue even when it seems one is challenging the other. Their dynamic is as healthy as a real marriage can be.
    • Helping their relationship is the fact that Loid clearly doesn't buy into a lot of sexist tropes. He doesn't object to Yor being an Action Girl; if anything, he likes it when she shows off. Plus his reaction to Camilla's attempt to slut-shame her as an apparent sex worker isn't to look down on her at all, but instead to support her and empathize with her, seeing their situations as not so different. He visibly chafes at Murdoch's insistence that the wife should "obviously" do all the housework.
    • Likewise, the way they treat the adorable Anya is incredibly heartwarming. While Loid takes a while to get used to her quirks, when he does, he dotes on her, puts his mission on the line to save her, and only ever yells at her when he thinks she is endangering herself. He doesn't push her too hard or place unrealistic expectations on her, and even when her actions could put the whole operation at risk, he doesn't get angry or frustrated with her. Yor on the other hand takes to her immediately, trying her absolute best to be a good mother (even if she has little idea how), and expresses absolute Thorn Princess rage at anyone who threatens her.
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    • Yor and Anya's relationship, period. Yor has to pretend to be Anya's stepmother in public as her part of the charade, but she doesn't have to get involved in Anya's life beyond that. Yet she still chooses to do so, accepting Anya calling her "mama" even when there's no need to pretend and trying her best to be a good mother for her. It's just goes on to show what a big heart Yor has.
  • The first ED is incredibly heartwarming, especially at the end with Loid and Yor tossing little Anya around, the Forgers having a little dance party in the living room, and then Loid and Yor send little Anya 'soaring' into a nice dream.
  • The second ED is more subtle, yet equally heartwarming, with a theme of the Forgers - human and dog alike - having begun in various dark places alone (represented by Loid and Yor knee-deep in their professions, Anya at the orphanage, and Bond sleeping outside), yet were shown a light through this family, and how much better they all are now in coming together.
  • The Second OP is just filled with so many wholesome scenes, including but not limited to: The Forgers enjoying a family car drive, Anya on a swing carousel, a flock of birds flying in a formation that makes a heart, Anya on a horse carousel, waving at her parents who are sharing a car on the same ride, Anya sleeping on her plushies while giving Bond a cuddle, Yor looking directly into the camera, then giving a cute smile (Which could be from Loid's Point of View), Loid playing a shooting game while his family cheer for him, Anya and Becky walking while holding hands and the Forger enjoying a walk in the park, which ends a close up on Loid's face, clearly looking happy. There are also a few Blink-and-you-miss-them moments which show Yor brushing Anya's hair, and Yor cuddling Anya while watching the fall leaves from a window. If it weren't for the scenes of Loid pointing a gun at the camera and Yor showing off her sword skills, you'd think this was purely a wholesome slice-of-life anime about a loving family.
    • The Lyrics themselves can be particularly heartwarming, especially the part where the singer is unconsciously running home only to deride themselves that they really should be walking.
  • In a meta sense, the fact that Tatsuya Endo's years of perseverance in the manga industry finally paid off. Adding on top of that newfound success in Japan, his series has also become incredibly popular worldwide.


  • Mission 1:
    • A small moment near the beginning, but Loid asks Anya "Is that okay with you?" when deciding to take her home. It's a great little moment showing how he's already looking out for her.
    • The scene after Twilight's confrontation with Edgar, when he asks Anya if she's sure she wants to stay with him:
      Anya: (clutches Twilight tightly) I want to go home! With you, Papa!
      Twilight: Are you... sure about that?
      Anya: If you leave me again, I'll cry.
      Twilight: ...
      Franky: (in flashback) She's been fostered out and returned four times.
      Twilight: All right. Let's go home. (pats Anya on the head)
      • Crosses into Tear Jerker territory, but the implications (and Loid's realization) about the terrifying near-death experience Anya just had? It doesn't scare her half as much as the idea of being alone again.
    • Loid's genuine happiness and pride when he sees that Anya passed her entrance exam. He has the biggest smile on his face as he picks her up and spins her around while praising her for passing, the way an actual father would to his child.
    • Blink and you'll miss it, but even when he's overwhelmed by all the exhaustion he feels and collapses, Loid still finds the strength to gently set Anya down to one side as he falls rather than drop her.
    • Right before the end we're treated to the most adorable image of Anya snuggling up to a passed out Loid. Though it only lasts for a few moments before Loid wakes and freaks out, that doesn't make it any less sweet.
  • Mission 2:
    • Yor's catty coworker insinuates to her apparent husband Loid that Yor has worked as a prostitute, hoping to embarrass her. Loid surprises everyone by saying that he knows how tough Yor's life has been, and she's had to do unsavory things to provide for her brother (which isn't far from the truth), yet he doesn't think the lengths she's gone to are shameful in the slightest. Yor's wondering expression says it all, and it's easy to tell that this is the moment where she starts developing genuine feelings for him, even if she doesn't realize it herself.
      Loid: To sacrifice yourself for the sake of others... to endure harsh work for something you believe in... no normal person has that kind of resolve. I truly admire that.
      • Perhaps the most telling part of all this? As Loid says these words, he flashes back to his own spy work. Loid isn't just saying that as part of his cover, nor to win Yor over; he is thinking on his own work, on how he, too, has sacrificed a great deal for the good of others. He means what he's saying, seeing it as similar to his own life - which leads to the amusing, heartwarming irony that, for all the falsehood that underlies the relationship, there is a core of genuine truth to it all.
    • Not long afterward, when one of the smugglers jumps Loid and Yor reflexively kicks him away, Yor worries that she just made herself seem weird and frantically apologizes. Yet when Loid chuckles and genuinely thanks her for the save, Yor slowly lowers her hands with a similar expression of wonder; this second time no doubt cinched the realization, that he might be the only man on Earth who could accept her for who she truly is.
  • Mission 3:
    • Anya is so happy that Yor's her new mom, and immediately helps her carry her stuff along with showing her around the Forger household, particularly in the anime's expanded version:
      Anya: And this is Anya's room! Welcome! I'll introduce you to Mr. Chimera! (gets her doll, then pantomimes in a boyish voice) "The name's Chimera! It is a pweasure to make your acquiantenance!"
      Yor: (Giggles and plays along) Oh no, the pleasure is all mine; I'm Yor, Miss Anya's mother.
  • Mission 5:
    • One of the housemasters of Eden Academy, Murdoch Swan, is tearing into the Forger family with all sorts of invasive questions and snide, sexist remarks. Loid tries to defend Yor from the brunt of it, though quickly regains his composure as he reminds himself they're not a real family. Swan then asks Anya a question about if she loves her original mom more than Yor, and Anya begins to cry. Yor immediately jumps to her defense, looking ready to kill Swan on the spot. Meanwhile, Loid keeps trying to remind himself to stay calm for the sake of his mission, but when Swan continues to insult Anya and Yor despite driving the poor girl to tears, Loid leaps up from his chair to sock Swan in the face, only barely managing to redirect his rage to smashing the table in front of them in half. Loid then excuses himself and his family, and when Swan angrily comments that the interview isn't over yet, Loid counters with a single cold statement.
      Loid: If belittling the feelings of children is a part of Eden Academy's educational philosophy... Then I have chosen the wrong school.
      • In doing so, Loid is essentially saying that he'll choose to give up on his mission (or at least the part of it that involves Anya getting into Eden) because he's so disgusted with how Swan is acting that even if Anya getting into school would help, he cannot allow this child, his daughter, to attend a school with a man like that in charge.
      • Witnessing Loid's love for Anya reminds Henderson of a teacher's sacred duty to nurture his student's hearts as well as their minds. As such, he finally tires of Swan's corrupt bureaucratic cynicism and knocks the Sadist Teacher flat on his back with a well-deserved and long overdue Megaton Punch.
      • Once Swan brings up Anya’s first mother, the poor girl begins breaking down and cries for her mommy, and Yor immediately stands up to lay comforting hands on her tiny shoulders. Yor, for all intents and purposes, is Anya’s mother from that moment on.
  • Mission 6:
    • When Henderson informs the Forgers that Anya will only get into Eden if someone else drops out, Yor's first thought is to hunt down another Eden parent and murder them in cold blood to force their child to drop out. She snaps out of it quickly, reminding herself that she can't kill innocent people, but her willingness to literally kill for Anya is sweet, if creepy.
    • After receiving the call that Anya got into Eden College, Loid pulls a confetti popper out of his pocket and sets it off over the family, then lifts up an ecstatic Anya to tell her that he's proud of her.
    • The reveal of just how respected and beloved Loid is within the spy community. He recruits a huge number of them to participate in a bizarre operation with no remotely clear strategic purpose, and not only is he so trusted that nobody questions the importance of the mission for a minute, but they don't even seem annoyed. Hell, half of them are delighted to get a chance to work with him and test their skills against him.
      • The Selective Obliviousness that the setting's universe runs on notwithstanding, after firing countless rainbow-colored rubber bullets and fireworks, all the agents present became aware that the true purpose of their extravagantly-expensive mission was to help make happy childhood memories for a little girl... and they have zero problems with that, joyfully clapping together at the end of the night's adventures when Anya cheered at having the coolest dad in the world, with a few particularly soft-hearted agents even shedding Manly Tears for her happiness. Dirty Martini Spy Fiction or not, men are still fundamentally decent and kind if given the choice to be.
      • In the follow-up episode, Handler grills Loid over what, exactly, all of those expenses were for. Which means the agents he brought in must have covered for him.
    • Anya bouncing around in pure unadulterated happiness as she watches "Loidman" in action, having the time of her life with this pretend game. It's capped off by her running to hug him at the end in utter happiness.
  • Mission 7:
    • After Yor's Mama Bear rage erupts, saving Anya from four petty kidnappers by shattering a pumpkin with her bare hand, and sending the thugs running for their lives, she tearfully mopes that she is a terrible mother who carelessly let her daughter get out of her sight, and how the only thing she can really do well is fight. This leads to the adorable Role-Reversal of Anya gently petting her mother's head like a mom would her child, reassuring her that even if she's not a "normal" mother, Yor is still a mama that Anya's proud to have and that can provide for her in other ways like defense training.
      Anya: I wanna be just like you, Mama!
  • Mission 9:
    • Rather than scold an already guilt-ridden Anya for punching Damian (which puts "The Friendship Scheme", and in turn the overall mission, at risk) Loid reassures her that he isn't mad, and gently tells her not to get into any more fights at school.
    • When the other kids get scared of Anya after she punched Damian, Becky lets her know she's not going to be alone. Suffice to say, Anya sticking up for her really touched the young girl's heart, and as a side effect of her telepathy, Anya can sense that Becky is being sincere.
      "I hope we become the best of friends! I'm the only one who knows how good you are, Anya!"
  • Mission 14:
    • Loid deciding to fully trust Yor, even after he is understandably suspicious of her connection to a Secret Police officer. In the end, Yor also has found enough confidence to tell Loid that she's glad she married him. Cue Loid crushing the bug he had planted on her earlier.
      • Anya's giant smile when she reads her parents' minds and realizes that they're getting along better is the icing on the already warm and fluffy cake.
  • Extra Mission 1:
    • Loid, exhausted after having to complete a mission while on an outing with the family (on top of being overworked from other missions), thinks about asking WISE HQ for a vacation. But it only takes one look at how happy Yor and, especially, Anya are for him to change his mind.
  • Extra Mission 2:
    • Loid, thinking he's upset Yor by taking her for granted (really she's in pain from being Shot in the Ass), takes Yor out on a date. Sure, he thinks his usual spiel about how it's for the mission, but it's perfectly clear that some of that worry is for Yor herself. At the end, following a nice dinner (and Yor's gunshot wound being numbed by drinking poison), Yor says she had a great time and they both agree that they should go on another date sometime.
    • When Franky tires of playing along with Anya to follow her parents on their 'date', he wants to leave but is stopped by Anya begging them to keep going (because she mind reads a server wanting to kill Yor, which Franky doesn't know because he doesn't know she's a psychic). Franky wonders to himself if she's worried about her parents divorcing. Even though he finds it silly because they're not a real family, he still ends up smiling and resolved to continue helping her, even for just a little longer.
  • Mission 16:
    • Loid thinking how proud he is of Anya for helping save a boy's life. Although he has had gut reactions of protectiveness and joy towards her, this is the first time that he is unambiguously proud of her, and this is coming from a man who lies as easily as he breathes.
    • As terrifying as the situation is, Loid definitely shows off one of his better qualities after Anya saves the boy. He genuinely cares about the wellbeing of children. After the massive terror of saving Anya and the drowning boy, he gently tells the adults around about the dangers of leaving a child unattended near water, and how quickly and quietly a child can drown. Not trying to blame or scare the already terrified parents or the adults in the room who didn't notice. Just a quiet, solemn warning so all of them know what to be wary of for the future to prevent anything like it happening again.
  • Mission 17:
    • Despite his general attitude towards Anya and being envious of her for obtaining a Stella Star before him, Damian doesn't hesitate to dismiss the spreading rumor that Anya got her Star illegitimately:
      This isn't some third-rate school that hands out Stellas by "mistake". Is that what you what think Eden is?
    • Anya reads Becky and Damian's minds to see what their dogs are like, treating the viewers to very cute scenes of Becky with her lapdog Wheezy and Damian with his German Shepherd Max. This even inspires Anya to want a dog of her own.
  • Mission 18:
    • The Art Director of Episode 13's Animal Adoption Festival sequence pulls out all the stops and treats us to a joyful montage punctuated to the whimsical jazz number of a 1960's Audrey Hepburn Romantic Comedy Musical, that emphasizes just how Heart-Meltingly-Adorable the soft and fluffy babby anmals there were, as we get to indulge in the sight at Anya at the height of childhood happiness, enthusiastically running to enclosure after enclosure of puppies, kittens, and bunny-rabbits, literally jumping for joy while greeting the last one; all the while bearing a radiant, wide grin of innocent wonder.
      • Yor also shows that she's a little girl at heart, excitedly squeeing at how cute the short stumpy legs of the dachshunds are. Anya overhears this, slightly lessening the anxieties she has from being bullied for her short legs by Damian.
        "Short legs are cute? Sy-on boy says Anya has short legs... Does that mean Anya is cute too?"
  • Mission 20:
    • While the Bad Future vision of Anya and Yor being emotionally devastated by Loid's death is heartbreaking, the fact that Bond is even in a position to see this vision of the future implies that even if Loid died, Anya and Yor would still have adopted him. Additionally, it indicates that Yor would have continued to care for Anya as her adopted mother.
  • Short Mission 2:
    • Despite Twilight stating he should not have any real attachments, he genuinely helped Franky out with trying to get a date. When Franky fails miserably he goes to have a drink with him.
  • Mission 22:
    • Loid could have easily just shot the dog, but he deliberately only shoots the vest off even if it meant the dog got to bite his arm. After getting rid of the vest, he traps the dog in a dumpster and states he will come to free him later. In his own words for doing so, dogs never ask to be dragged into human conflicts.
    • The main reason Yor takes out the terrorist was because of what he did to Anya.
    • Loid seems to be genuinely worried that Anya and Yor were caught up in the terrorist incident, even showing Anger Born of Worry at Anya for running off again. He also gives an honest thanks to Doggy for protecting his daughter.
    • Originally Twilight and Handler wanted to take Doggy in due to being a government project but Anya gets protective over him and threatens to stop going to school if she doesn't adopt him.
      • When Anya tearfully asks whether the policemen would bully the other dogs rescued from the K-9 terrorists, Handler reassures her in a rare display of genuine warmth:
        Handler: "Don't worry, little one, the policemen will be nice to the doggies. We will give them warm comfy beds and lots of yummy food to eat. They have had a hard life until this day, so let's both treat our doggies with kindness, Pinky Swear, Okay?"
      • In the Anime, both Twilight and Handler are visibly taken aback by Anya's compassion for the remaining dogs; for a pair of professional liars and murderers who have made mountains out of corpses for over a decade, this moment of genuine humane kindness reawakened in them memories of happier lives in days past that they had long forgotten.
    • When Anya agrees to Handler's promise, the jaded commander whispers to her subordinate:
      Handler: "Your daughter... she is a good, kind-hearted little girl..."
      Twilight: "Sigh... You have no idea what an absolute headache she can be, Ma'am."
      Handler: "Oh, but I do. I had a little girl about her age once, a long time ago."
      • The admission is notable since in a cloaks-and-daggers world where any trust and emotional vulnerability can earn you a literal knife in the back, as Twilight's superior officer Handler has no reason to be this sincere with him. This display of honesty therefore shows the respect she has for him and Anya.
    • Twilight and Handler may be hardened spies, but they are still happy "peace won the day".
    • We see Doggy's vision of the Forgers happily welcoming him home come to pass:
      Anya: Welcome to Anya's house, Doggy!
      Anya: You are part of the Forger family now!
  • Mission 23:
    • Doggy scares a vicious looking dog to get it to hand over Anya's gloves. Because of this Anya finally comes up with a name for him.
    • After playing all day, Anya and Bond fall asleep together. It's so adorable Loid allows a pass on her studying.
  • Mission 24:
    • The manga starts off with Bond seeing a vision of Yor crying, yet it ends up that vision is Yor crying out of happiness from her family enjoying her cooking. Specifically her mother's recipe, which Loid and Anya are now able to enjoy, much like Yor and Yuri did as kids.
    • Twilight is so impressed with Bond's intelligence while playing together that he says "good boy" while giving Bond an affectionate head rub.
    • Camilla's boyfriend Dominic is continuously kind to everyone, praising Yor for wanting to learn how to cook as well as complimenting Camilla.
  • Short Mission 3:
    • After Bond attacks Anya's stuffed penguin due to being jealous and Yor's attempt to fix it causes more damage, Twilight offers to buy a new one but Anya refuses as it was a gift from him. Twilight is blushing a bit from hearing it and offers to fix her stuffed penguin as a result.
    • Bond later offers Anya a bag of peanuts as an apology because Anya yelled she hated him for damaging her penguin; she accepts the apology and admits she's sorry for saying that. Bond happily jumps to lick her as they make up.
    • Seeing Bond and Agent Penguinman "make up" by shaking paws and sharing peanuts, Loid warmly muses to himself with one of his rare as a blue moon smiles.
      "If only the reconciliation between Westalis and Ostania can be as simple as this."
  • Mission 27:
    • The whole reason for the chapter is that Twilight was certain Anya failed a lot of her tests, each failure would count towards a Tonitrus Bolt, and if she got enough she would be expelled, so he broke into the school to change her grades. When he actually sees her grades, he finds that while she still did terribly, she didn't fail any of her classes. He states to her he will need to tutor her harder, but privately is actually proud about how far she has been able to improve on her own.
    • When Damian realizes he got 11th in the class, he lights up in pure joy that he'll get a Stella Star.
    • Anya lights up too on the fact she was able to not fail a single test from her own hard work.
    • Damian complementing Anya for not failing a single subject.
  • Mission 28:
    • Anya coming to Damian's defense when George tried to frame him.
    • After George Glooman reveals he'll have to leave Eden due to the Desmond group buying out his family's company, his classmates follow his every wish from getting juice, trying out the deluxe caviar bowl from the cafeteria, Damian even letting George borrow his Stella Star, Becky leading their classmates to sing the end of the year choir that George was looking forward to and even everyone giving George a gift which leads to him crying in happiness when he leaves the school.
    • Damian is actually quite kind to George once he hears that George's family is going bankrupt due to the Desmond group. Doing everything he can to cheer his classmate from lending George his Stella Star for a while to even gifting George a set of his favorite stationery.
    • In Episode 19 of the anime (after the above), when Loid "accidentally" runs into Yor - they both happened to be sneaking around Eden - and hears about her failed attempt to give Anya her gym clothes, he notices how down she looks about her actions not being necessary and cheers her up with a lunch date.
  • Mission 29:
    • After seeing the dolls in a total mess after Anya played with them (actually her moving them around to make it look like she stayed in the room the entire time), Loid takes it as a cry for help and he needs to give her more attention and care. Anya likes this so much she doesn't correct him.
  • Mission 30:
    • Even though Anya is playing up her love because she is terrified at the thought of Fiona becoming her mom, Yor absolutely melts from her compliments.
    • Nightfall makes Yor believe that Loid is actually unsatisfied with her as a wife and regularly badmouths her at work, something she herself believes might be right. It only takes a few encouraging words from Loid to completely remove that doubt from her mind.
    • To Nightfall's sadness, she can tell that Twilight does care for Anya and Yor when she sees hints of real emotions in his smile to them.
  • Mission 35:
    • Yor spends most of the chapter worried that Loid/Twilight plans on replacing her as the mother of the family because her only good quality is her strength. Twilight gives a beautiful You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech explaining he has no intention of replacing Yor because her strength makes Anya feel safe so she can be the cheerful and energetic child that she is, and that her experience of raising Yuri makes her the best mother possible.
      • It's especially notable that in this scene Loid shares a bit about his mother, and is fully truthful while doing so, as he almost never shares real details of his past with anyone. The anime emphasizes this by having him pause and consider for some time before opening up.
    • At the end of the chapter Yor realizes to her surprise that the Forger family has become a place she's completely unwilling to leave.
    • Franky acts pissed at Loid for bribing him to babysit Anya, but he's clearly having fun with the little girl, playing pretend and giving her new toys. He even brought a frisbee for Bond!
  • Mission 36:
    • Anya and Becky bonding through shopping for clothes.
    • As Anya and Becky head back home asleep in Becky's limousine, Becky's butler, Martha, thinks back to how Becky was before she came to Eden Academy. Becky had been snobbish and looked down upon other kids. When she found out she was going to Eden Academy, she was angry she was going to a school full of "ill-bred kids". However, Becky changed after she met Anya on her first day, and came back excited to have a new friend. The flashback ends with Martha smiling to herself, happy to see Becky has changed.
  • The punchline of Short Mission 5 is that there has been little to absolutely no progress on Operation Strix for Twilight to report on. But that doesn't really negate the fact that he definitely feels that stoically gushing to Sylvia about stuff Anya can now do counts as noteworthy progress.
  • Mission 53:
    • Doubles as Awesome. As Yor fights one of the last assassins - a swordsman who actually has the strength and skill to kill her - Yor begins to question why she continues her work as an assassin. As she starts to lose the fight, she reflects on the stresses of her double life and the fact Yuri no longer needs her support. Then she remembers why she continues to work as an assassin. To protect people. First Yuri, and now the Forger family.
      Yor: I don't need to be at peace. (grasps the assassin's sword and breaks it) I don't care if I have to bloody my hands. Even if it means living a life that could end at any moment... even if it means having to leave the Forger family...
      Loid: (in a flashback to Mission 2) To endure such a harsh job for the sake of another, for the sake of something greater than oneself... I truly admire that.
      Yor: I think Loid would respect that. He would understand. (Yor beats the assassin back) And that's why... I won't give up this fight!
    • Of special note, it's not simply a cliche desire to return to the Forger family that brings out her Heroic Second Wind, but rather it is also that she wants to protect them even if it means losing them, and the realization that Loid would understand and respect her for it.
  • Mission 55:
    • The last panels of it is the VIP thanking Yor for everything and letting her hug her baby. She also reassures Yor is doing the right thing as her literally blood stained hands allowed her child to grow up.
  • Mission 56:
    • The chapter gives a sweet epilogue to Yor's long battle aboard the cruise, allowing the Forgers to meet up at their resort island destination and spend a day having fun — no sudden interruptions of spy work, no last minute emergencies, and no shocking swerves. Yor even gets a Sleep Cute moment when she falls asleep against Loid's shoulder.
  • Mission 58.1 and 58.2:
    • Loid is trying to train Bond as an attack dog but realizes that Bond doesn't have the temperament to properly be trained due to Project Apple. However, after two false starts attempting to save the day to with his foresight, Bond charges into a burning apartment to save a fellow dog, and he and Loid wind up catching the arsonist. The bonus chapters end with Loid properly bonding with Bond and promising to take him to the park again the next day.
  • Mission 62.3:
    • Though the chapter ends as a Tearjerker, there is a brief respite after Loid is injured in battle and taken off the frontlines. While on cooking duty he is spotted by his former childhood friends, all of whom he had thought long dead. Loid is so overwhelmed during their reunion he bursts into tears, causing the other young men to also tear up while trying to comfort him.
  • Mission 64:
    • Anya’s interactions with Mr. Henderson are a mixture of this and Funny. He wished to comfort her on getting a Bolt a few chapters back, and told her not to get discouraged since even Imperial Scholars received a number of Bolts, with one getting as many as six. When Mr. Henderson showed Anya a number of people who received the title of Imperial Scholar, Anya seems amazed and asks if she could be like them. Mr. Henderson merely tells her that it is up to her.
    • At the end of the chapter, Anya asks Loid if he could help her study, so he could be happy that she is taking her schooling seriously. Unfortunately, Anya’s good intentions backfire when Loid mistakenly thinks that this means she might have earned another Bolt so soon, and faints again on the spot.
  • Mission 65:
    • Ever since she joined the Forger family, Yor has been afraid that she isn't a proper wife or mother, to the point of believing that she could raise suspicion if she ever expressed that she didn't know something that a "normal" housewife would. But through meeting Mrs. Desmond and joining her circle of friends, she discovers that in reality, not knowing how to do everything that's demanded of a parent is an extremely normal thing. Not only does this lift a tremendous weight from her shoulders, but it gives her a support group to get advice from.
  • Mission 69:
    • When Damian is engaging in his Upper-Class Twit complaints about how he has to do "kiddie crap" and travel in "peasant mobiles", Bill Watkins genially reminds him that there's value in all experiences, tells the scion boy off for being rude, and enthuses about getting to know kids from other classes.
  • Mission 71:
    • Becky came by her Spoiled Sweet manners honestly. A furious Mr. Blackbell wants to send all of Blackbell Industries' tanks and fighter jets from storage to go rescue her. Martha, ever the voice of reason, chastises him and volunteers to go to the scene of the crime herself, also clearly very concerned about her young mistress.
    • Becky's reaction to Anya being fitted with an Explosive Leash is "No... This can't be real! Not my Anya!" with tears in her eyes.
    • Damian, unaware that the collar is a dud, volunteers to wear it instead. He did so both to spare Anya and demonstrate courage befitting a future politician, as his father "fought all kinds of enemies during the war". Unfortunately, the terrorists have a spare, but it's the thought that counts. Emile yells at him not to do it (and looks horrified alongside Ewen later). Anya is moved by his bravery and reaches out to hold his hand when he panics after the fact.
  • Mission 72:
    • While his motivations are based on his sister's well-being rather than Anya's (as usual), the fact that Yuri's captain had to physically and securely tie him to a big pillar so he wouldn't try to help speaks volumes about the man's dedication to Yor.
    • Bill's good heart strikes again. He, Emile, and Ewen all reassure Damian that his actions would have done his father proud, and there's no shame in waiting to be rescued by adults when they're just helpless kids.
    • Henderson's response when asked why he's on the scene: "These are my students. Where else would I be?" His first words upon entering the bus are to ask after the wellbeing of his charges, reassure them of rescue, and remind them to keep their composure. He assures the tutor-in-residence that the hostage situation wasn't his fault, and exchanges himself as a hostage so the injured man can receive medical aid.
    • The care he feels for his students is clearly mutual as well, as the children cry out his name when he appears. A Red Circus member has to force a tearful little girl to stay down as she and her seatmate try to move towards Henderson: "We missed you so much!"
    • Although he's stymied by security and Martha, Mr. Blackbell immediately tries to get to Becky as soon as he arrives.
  • Mission 74:
    • A brief but poignant moment with Henry Henderson. When Vadim starts to get angry and threatens to shoot Anya, Henry quickly dives in front of her to shield her from harm, ready to sacrifice himself for her sake. Thankfully, it doesn't come to that, but this commendable act of selflessness (along with his earlier self-sacrificing act of trading himself for the injured chaperone) further cements Henry's status as a noble and courageous Cool Teacher.
    • What causes Billy Squire to finally stand down and release the hostages: Anya, acting defiantly to poke Billy's needles and make him see sense in an effort to save everyone from blowing up, causes Billy to see something of Biddy in Anya - specifically, her compassion. The compassion in Anya wakes Billy up to all the pain he caused by working with the Red Circus, and he finally takes steps to do the sort of thing Biddy died for by ending his crusade then and there. The kicker? While Anya is typically attributed for her mischievousness and the fact she does most things in the interest of her desires - like any child, really - Billy is ultimately correct in his assumption. Anya's two biggest goals were always to find a family and to enable world peace, and Anya helped the world inch towards that ideal in some small way by finally causing Billy to stand down that day.