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Heartwarming / Ryan Reynolds

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  • During the Green Lantern panel at ComicCon 2010, a young fan asked Ryan to recite the Green Lantern oath. Which he did awesomely.
  • Visiting children with cancer at a hospital.
  • Donning the Deadpool costume (which he stole from the set of the movie) and going Trick-or-Treating with a bunch of kids dressed as X-Men.
  • Cutting a few PSAs as Deadpool for testicular and breast cancer awareness (#touchyourselftonight).
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  • Just before Deadpool (2016)'s official release, Reynolds got to watch the film early with an 11-year-old Canadian boy who subverted most of the associated tropes with Littlest Cancer Patient. The kid sadly died not long after, and Reynolds mourned his loss via a touching social media post.


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