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Heartwarming / Rusty and Co.

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  • Madeline's concern about Mimic and Cube after their capture in Level 7 is heartwarming.
  • A rather goofy example, but the fact that Rusty dragged Madeline all the way to the inn while she was unconscious, and didn't eat her armor.
  • In here Zar looks really pissed at Madeline for a moment, but then you can see him soften and he ends up giving her a "magic" weapon.
  • The whole of this comic, with Mimic paying to have Madeline raised from the dead and visiting her in hospital.
    • And even brings her flowers. It is so sweet.
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  • Y.T. releasing the trapped souls from the necromantic artifact at the end of level 9. Has she finally embraced being good?