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  • Sir Claude the Knight and Cledwyn the Dragon burying the hatchet and becoming friends in "Rupert and the Knight".
  • In "Rupert and the Crocodiles", Podgy repeatedly apologizes to Rupert for his appetite getting them in trouble and also expresses his gratitude for Rupert caring enough to come to his rescue.
  • "Rupert and Raggety"
    • After Rupert saves Raggety from being burned to death, Raggety states that he now understands what a friend is. He gets the chance to prove it later by saving Rupert's life.
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    • The younger Imp of Spring feels ashamed of her Spring Machine being a failure, but Rupert tells her not to sell herself short and encourages her to fix her Spring Machine and try again, which works.
  • A very sweet moment between Rupert's parents happens in "Rupert and the Mulp Gulper". Mr. Bear mentions that when he was a child, he spent a lot of time at the carnival to test his skills to impress his girlfriend. Mrs. Bear remarks that she certainly was impressed and proceeds to cuddle with Mr. Bear, making it clear the identity of the girlfriend Mr. Bear was referring to.
  • "Rupert's Christmas Adventure"
    • Rupert's friend Gregory Guinea Pig gets the bravery he wanted for Christmas by saving Rupert and Podgy from the Pine Ogre, which he does by showing the Pine Ogre how nice it feels to decorate trees for Christmas. The Pine Ogre sees the error of his ways, and to apologize for having his pine sprites steal everyone's decorations, he lends Nutwood a large Christmas tree with everyone's decorations on it.
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    • As a test of character for Podgy, Santa makes it so that all the presents delivered to Nutwood are for Podgy. In the end, Podgy ends up giving away all his presents to the other children, noting that he can't keep them all to himself.

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