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* Episode 41: After 10 months of being in the show, Joong Ki has to leave the show due to the conflict in his drama schedule and despite his team being punished, HaHa, who was on his team, tells him he doesn't need to do anything. It's also considered a TearJerker moment as during Joong Ki's speech, he, Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo couldn't hold back their tears.
  • Episode 159: At the end game, Gary and Jihyo both chose their partner over gold.
  • Episode 165 is mostly on this. This episode is dedicated to one fangirl by the name Hye-Mi who delivers her scrapbook to show pictures of her hometown, which also happens to be where Gwang Soo lives even though they're two stations apart, and wants to introduce the cast of her area. Touched by her dedications, the producers decide to grant her wish by making this a scavenger hunt in terms of looking for her without her knowing about this episode.
    • Before the cast knows their mission, they met Gwang Soo's father and he even gives Gwang Soo, Haha and Jong Kook a ride to the next mission area.
    • As the cast enters Hye-Mi's room, they were stunned and surprise to see she's actually a fan of Gwang Soo (even he was amazed, touched by her dedication).
    • It's even better when Hye-Mi's reason of being his fan is :
      “I saw him at a movie premiere and when he appeared, it looked like there were flower petals swirling around him.”
  • Episode 178: The first team cheering as the second team (whose boat had capsized earlier) finally made it to the other side of the Han River. The sheer relief and exhausted happiness of the second team, along with the first team hugging them and handing out blankets, was heartwarming to see.
  • Episode 251: The last game where Haha and his wife Byul had to use "couple's telepathy" to pick the same floor out of 30+ floors without knowing the game beforehand and find each other. They did.
    • Some explanation - they'd been eliminating rings through the other challenges and had to pick a floor number from the numbers left. Both Haha and Byul pick up three rings - his birthday, her birthday, their wedding date. They're both worried that the other will pick their birthday and they'll miss each other. They picked their wedding date.
  • Episode 324: Considered also one of the Tear Jerker episodes, after seven years of being a Running Man member, Gary decides to leave the show to further pursuit and focus on his singing career. Two weeks ago, after the end of the episode's filming, Gary secret tells his fellow members about his hard decision. Despite some tries to persuade him not to leave, everyone decides to accept his decision.
    • And then comes all the Running Man farewell letters he receives at the end of the episode. Also added as a TearJerker moment as the episode reveal what they have written for him. Special mention goes to Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo.


"But we're all friends! Gai, you, me... and the rest of us! We're all family!"
— Liu (Episode 31: Liu's Plan)

  • Episode 8
    • When Lonky gets knocked out by Kuga without saying "three", Gai retaliates when Kuga was unfair to the Hypocrite Lonky. This proves that Gai still cares for everyone no matter how they treat others.
    • If Pala is your favorite character, then you'll be glad that he won the Hammer Bingo game.

  • Episodes 20, 21, and 22
    • When Kuga and Liu are the leaders of the Team Change Battle. Liu tried to shake hands to Kuga as he wants to say "good luck" to his fellow leader even though Kuga walked away from him.
    • The way Liu feels when he gets complimented by Lonky and Popo (even though they're about to betray him) is like he never gets any recognition from others before especially when he's the younger brother of his tribe's former Ace.
    • Gai and Miyo figured out on Lonky and Popo's plan and they knew it's not good for Liu.
    • A tearjerking moment when Lonky and Popo laughed at Liu as if he's about to break. However, thanks to the exceeding members from Kuga's team, a new mechanic of picking players happened. As payback for emotionally betraying Liu, Kuga pretends that he missed the aiming towards Lonky and Popo. And the scene where Miyo, Gai, and Kuga "smirking" meant that Lonky and Popo got the taste of their own medicine for bullying Liu.

  • Episodes 25 and 26
    • When Miyo and Liu got hurt from the chamber that Gai controlled, the mole actually felt hurt that he had to do his job. This contributes to breaking from Charming Gold's control in Episode 27.
    • An injured Liu is persuasive in getting Pala so he can heal Miyo.
    • Notice how Lonky and Popo went to Liu when he gets knocked out from his injuries. These two people are the ones who toyed with Liu the most, and they went for him even though this sacrifices their win.
    • Gai's Heroic Sacrifice when giving away his privilege to win the Pyramid Pursuit game fair and square even though Lonky, Popo, and Pala betrayed them.

  • Episode 27
    • When Lonky, Popo, and Pala became winners of the Pyramid Pursuit game, they applaud to Gai. They also have tears flowing in their eyes after all they've been through.
    • Miyo putting bandages on Liu even though it stings a bit.
    • The three winners of the match visit Liu's room and gave him a "get well soon" dance.

  • Episodes 28, 29, and 30
    • When Gai's brother was replaced when his big brother got kidnapped by Charming Gold, Miyo is furious as she enters the game field.
    • Gai tries to break from his brainwashing proves that he wants to be free and wants to return to his friends once more. Even if he fails, this proves that he's fighting from the inside out.

  • Episodes 31 and 32
    • Liu encourages his fellow Running Man friends to fight and cooperate with his plan.
      • He told Pala that the plan won't work without the Alchemist. In which, Pala listens when he almost walked out.
      • Liu reassures Popo of his assigned duty in the plan of distracting the D.V 7 so the others may get the chance to take them down. He ends saying that Popo is the best wizard he knows.
      • When he visits Lonky in his dorm room, Lonky admits that he's happy to help considering that he saved Popo in the Zone Battle.
      • Next, Liu went to Kuga, who is still bothered by the Kuphaman / D.V 2. He pleads to Kuga in joining from his plan, even though Kuga tries to drive him off. Liu said the above quote that resonates Kuga. He then sends the last punch to his Mu Ren Zhuang and began talking to Liu.
      • The look on Miyo's face is like she's about to cry from what happened to Gai, but Liu reassures that they'll save Gai from his brainwashing.
      • Gai's brother is anxious in the competition, Liu comforts him. Giving the confidence to join the others in saving his older brother.

  • Episodes 33 and 34
    • Lonky saving Popo from getting his tag ripped does show Lonky's change of heart slowly. But the part when Lonky gets tagged out instead makes Popo so mad that he wants to fight on whoever threw Lonky out of the match.
    • Even if Pala is hurt, he doesn't give up because on how Liu encouraged him.
    • The scene where D.V 2 gave his last words while taunting Kuga at the same time almost let Kuga free his opponent. But Liu snaps Kuga out from his emotional conflict and decided to follow Liu's advice and was able to finally take the tag out. Liu was so proud of Kuga that he hugs Kuga's paw in joy.
      • Kuga wanted Liu to get off, but he let Liu enjoys his moment. Which is also Adorkable when he's slowly opened up to his friend.

  • Episodes 35 and 36
    • Also considers as a tearjerker. Liu's supposedly dead sister, named as Jean, is actually alive. That is good news. The bad news? She's on the bad side.
    • Another scene of Kuga's Big Brother Instinct was when Liu got knocked down by Jean, Kuga is the first character to go in front of her followed by Gai and Miyo. He also tried to restrain Liu before he gets into more trouble because he's in an emotional turmoil.
    • Right after the Zone Battle, the six gave Liu some space from what happened.
    • Lonky and Pala were thrown to the couch when they were Innocently Insensitive.
    • When they hear Liu's story of what happened to Jean, their faces are filled with shock and grief. A Meaningful Echo when Liu said about family, this is the reason why he values it.
    • Popo had a plan to cheer Liu up. Liu even complimented that it was a "clever plan". Afterwards, they all pull a hug.

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