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Heartwarming / Round the Twist

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  • "Lucky Lips", "Lighthouse Blues" and "Nails" all feature the Twist kids having their first kisses and every one of them is as touching as you'd hope (barring Pete's magic-induced kisses that backfired horribly on him).
  • The finale for Series 2 has the ghosts of Jeremiah and Matthew reunite with their deceased loved ones. While Jeremiah has to deal with Jane choosing Matthew over him, the three do make their peace.
    • Then the ghosts briefly possess the characters so they can have their big damn kisses.
  • "Grandad's Gifts": Linda feeds a fox pelt enchanted lemons that restore its insides. While Gribs and his cronies destroy the lemon tree before it can grow its eyes back, Nell finds some spare lemons that do the trick. She then reveals to Linda that the lemons came from a tree planted on her grandfather's grave, giving them the same healing properties as the original lemon tree.
  • "The Big Burp": When Pete is impregnated by a tree spirit, Gribs and his gang actually call a truce. The baby then inhabits a dying tree and gives it new life.
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  • In "Whirling Derfish", Pete hears Gribble and his cronies talking about a plan to stop Bronson from winning the swimming race, and in his attempt to stop them, he is tied up and left in the changing room. When Bronson notices that Pete is missing, he does not start the race; Pete manages to get himself out of the changing room and nearly drowns in the process. Bronson then saves his brother before starting the race for real. What's more, even though Bronson lost to Gribs, the town still cheered him as if he'd won due to witnessing his act of heroism.
  • "Toy Love" the ending with the two living dolls hugging.
  • The final ever episode naturally has a lot of this. Pete turns down a life in Atlantis that offered him everything he'd ever want in life purely because he feels too attached to where he is right now, even if it means dealing with bullies, fighting to preserve his home and struggling to get a girlfriend. Faye gives birth to a girl that that kids decide to name "Ariel". Then when the credits start to roll, we get this shot of the Twists and the lighthouse slowly zooming out as if to say farewell to this family that has entertained audiences for years.

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