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Heartwarming / Root Letter

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy.

  • The moment you find out about each character's past, accompanied by this music.
  • Most of the interrogations - the gang sees how much Shiori really cared about all of them, due to Max's letters.
  • Kousuke's apology to Shiori in the "Bond of Marriage" route, which probably prevented her from committing suicide for real.
  • During the Chapter 4 investigation, when trying to get Jun to admit that he was "Fatty" in high school, Max's pressure begins to cause him to start stress eating some potato chips half-dipped in chocolate. At the end, when Jun laments how weak he was and still is, Max points out that he didn't eat any of the chocolate-covered portions and had the discipline both from sticking to his diet and the love for his fiance to be stronger than he thought he was.
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  • The Shimanekko side quest, in which Shimanekko was not running away from Mr. Matsuda but instead running around town so he could make a birthday card for him.
  • Shiori agreeing to help out an old couple she doesn't know out of the kindness of her heart, even though it ultimately drove her and her friends apart.
  • Despite a nasty fight the previous day, the gang coming together to prevent Kousuke's suicide and reminiscing on the good times they had together in the Golden Ending route.
    Masaya: I caught you. I won't ever let you go!
  • In "The Princess of Himegamori Forest" epilogue, Max is able to save Shiori from becoming completely possessed by Aya and killing all of her friends, and declares that he'll wait for her to get better.
  • The Where Are They Now during the credits of the Golden Ending, showing that each classmate has improved themselves or society at large somehow:
    • Kousuke helped contribute to Japan's (or at least Matsue's) elder care system.
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    • Masaya got his team to the Nationals and is given a commendation by City Hall (but declines it).
    • Jun marries Yuka and masters his craft.
    • Riko's daughter gets noticed by a big talent agency in Tokyo.
    • Misaki decides that being an announcer is not so bad and continues to work in Matsue.
    • Shota's boss entrusts the bar to him.
    • Yukari gets promoted to vice director of the art museum.
  • The True End route: The eight friends finally reuniting and overcoming their past regrets. Dr. Fumino assuring all of them that his wife's death was not their fault. And the protagonist moving to Matsue to set up his new business there and to marry Shiori.
    • The Last Answer Epilogue for the route builds on top as it showcases how all of Shiori's friends come together to help Max propose to Shiori and find an affordable venue for the wedding. It ends with Max writing a letter to his mom to let her know that they are expecting a daughter that they intend to name Aya.