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  • Wheeler bonding with Ronnie by teaching him about how KISS music is all about sex.
  • Danny after his character development, telling Augie "Fuck what anyone says, if you enjoy what you do, just do it." and as he's kicked out, he states that he'd be psyched if Augie was his son.
  • Danny helps Augie win against the king and giving him the confidence and the gentle push he needed to talk to Lady Esplin (Sarah) after it's all over.
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  • Augie and Lady Esplin (Sarah)'s Relationship Upgrade at the end of the film after she "killed" him to become queen. He still got to be king.
  • Danny winning back his girlfriend with improvised lyrics and the help of a LAIRE minstrel.
  • Danny and Wheeler reconciling after Wheeler performed a "Heroic Sacrifice" for Danny during the LAIRE match.
  • Wheeler apologising to both Ronnie and his mother after he majorly screwed up by taking Ronnie to a party and leaving him to go to the bathroom and wound up getting laid.
    Wheeler: Do you think that after I get out of jail, I could hang out with your ten year old son again?
  • Augie's mother cheering him on as he goes to kill the king. After condemning his hobby so much, it's sweet to see her finally support him.

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