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Heartwarming / Richard Pryor

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  • In Live on the Sunset Strip he has a routine in which he describes an incident in which a little voice inside asked him, as he looked on at the mixed group of people he saw in a hotel in Africa, what he saw, and he mentally replied joyfully that he saw all sorts of people of all sorts of colors interacting peacefully with each other. The voice then asked him if he saw any "niggers". He thought, "No," and realized that the word, ordinarily a more regular part of his lexicon, had not even occurred to him in several weeks. "Do you know why?" the voice replied. "Because there aren't any." This caused him to break down into tears. After relating this tale he launches into a moving, persuasive, mostly serious Author Tract about how the word "nigger" and how black people and white people alike should stop using it. It may sound downright cheesy in print, but in context, after all the goofy shit preceding it, the routine hits quite hard.
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  • From the same special, his bit aboout Jim Brown visiting him when he heard he was freebasing could be seen this way. Richard is quite clearly making himself out to be the asshole, knowing that Jim was just trying to help him. Richard even implied that Jim was this close to getting him the help he needed before the freebasing incident.
  • He stood up for Eddie Murphy, when Murphy was lambasted with criticism about his work being overly profane and racist. Pryor told Murphy, "Look, next time the motherfucker calls, you tell him I said to suck my dick!"
    • For added effect, the guy that had told Eddie that his act was too much? Bill Cosby.

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