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  • The final part of the Trespasser Let's Play has a rather touching speech regarding the experience, as unfinished as the game may be:
    Well folks, there you have it: Jurassic Park: Trespasser. I appreciate you all coming along on this with me, but what can you say about Trespasser really? They tried. They tried and they failed, but they still tried, and failure teaches success. I'd like to think that other game companies saw what happened to Trespasser and learned from their mistakes. Sure there's no question that bad games still come out today and there's no question that Trespasser is a pretty bad game, but they tried something new and that deserves mentioning. For all of its faults, for all of its bugs, I still think Trespasser is a damn fun game. And really at the end of the day when the game is done and the developers have gone home, what greater compliment than to be able to sit there and say, "I made a fun game".

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