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Heartwarming / Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"

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As vulgar and mean-spirited as this show is, there are several surprisingly heartwarming moments.
  • "Onward and Upward" has Stimpy demurely ask Ren if he could carry him across the threshold of their new home. Ren smiles cutely, bats his eyelashes, and then obliges before hopping into Stimpy's arms.
    • The title card is surprisingly cute and silly.
    • Despite their previous altercation, there's a brief moment where Ren is cuddling up to Stimpy while they're asleep.
    • Stimpy offers Ren an alternative shampoo to use, which Ren accepts. In an adorably cutesy voice that's so unlike him in this series. Stimpy slaps his hand again, and Ren pouts at him in a cute manner. It manages to be funny and quite sweet in its own way.
    • While they're getting ready for bed, Stimpy asks Ren if they could have sex (cutting him self off, but it's obvious). But stops midway, thinking he's too tired (like he was earlier in the episode). Ren, however, has other plans. He calls Stimpy, then is revealed to be decked out in a baseball uniform while gazing at him seductively. All before asking, "Are you ready for a speedball, my little blumpkin pumpkin?" Despite the wording, his tone and smile indicates it's meant to be affectionate.
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  • "Fire Dogs 2" has the Fire Chief (played by and designed after Ralph Bakshi) taking Ren and Stimpy under his wing. Despite his absolute horrid behaviour all throughout, the boys do try their hardest to put up with it. They may be it in for a certain gain, but the effort they put in to accommodate the Fire Chief is pretty sweet.
  • In "Naked Beach Frenzy", the points definitely go to Stimpy. Around the end, Ren ends up getting stuck in a man's behind and begs Stimpy for help. Stimpy, despite everything Ren put him through, still goes out of his way to save him. He pulls Ren out, smothers his face in kisses with relief, and asks if he's okay (albeit worded differently).
  • "Altruists" consists of the boys going out of their way to help a homeless widow and her handicapped son that fell on hard times. Granted, they commit multiple crimes and other felonies in order to help her, it ends up being strangely sweet of them.
    • Even the homeless widow gets a special mention, as she clearly cares very much about her son (despite that he has no head). She had even given up her brassiere just so that she could buy him a neck.
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    • In that same scene, Ren tells Stimpy to give her his (Stimpy's) bra. Stimpy balks at the idea, but not out of any sort of greed. But because the bra is special to him since Ren gave it to him on their anniversary. However, Stimpy relents and gives it to her.
  • "Stimpy's Pregnant", while it is usually considered more disgusting than heartwarming, manages to have a few moments.
    • The opening scroll narrated by Mr. Horse is very sweet, ending with "Thank you, mothers everywhere".
    • During Ren's relatively understandable freakout, Stimpy is trying to calm him down and offers sweet assurances about the situation. On top of that, he refers to the baby as their love child.
    • When Ren finally comes around to the idea of being a father, he happily talks to the baby and coaxes it to come out. All while a bunch of animal couples observe from the window.
    • Stimpy's Undying Loyalty throughout the whole thing.
    • When Mr. Horse discovers the actual problem, he hesitates telling them that Stimpy isn't actually pregnant. The camera then pans over to Ren and Stimpy, who are actually having a genuinely loving moment. Ren is sweetly assuring him that everything is going to be okay while petting him and kissing his nose. It's quite possibly the sweetest he's ever been in the Adult Party Cartoon. (With the exception to the ending of "Onward and Upward")
    • Throughout the episode, Ren's Jerkass meter was pretty much Up to Eleven. However, it's during the hospital scene that he's actually supportive and worried for Stimpy, right down to holding his hand while Stimpy pushes.
    • There's plenty of Squick in regards to their baby, considering what he's made of, and understandably so. However, the immense joy Ren and Stimpy share as they relish their newborn can be considered sweet.
    • Ren asks Stimpy what they should name him. Stimpy thinks about it for a few moments, then comes up with Little Ricky, to which Ren is touched and is thrilled by the name.
    • The final shot of the three of them together as a family (see the page image) is sweet. When it fades out, a silver heart appears with "The I Love Stimpy Show" written on it.

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