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Heartwarming / Remember the Titans

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  • (Gerry shoves Julius) "LEFT SIDE!" (Julius shoves back) "STRONG SIDE!" Male bonding at its finest. Making it even better, this is the precise moment where The Team comes together.
  • During the montage consisting of tension filled moments of the white and black players trying to bond, we get a heartwarming scene where Lastik is venting about his academic struggles and lack of college prospects to Rev, who offers to tutor him and clearly considers him a friend now.
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  • Gerry's mother receives a standing ovation when she arrives at the championship game.
  • "Nurse, are you blind? Don't you see the family resemblance? That's my brother."
  • When the Boones first move into their new neighborhood, the audience sees various White families staring at them from their windows and making racist comments about how "they" will soon take over the whole town. Later, this is heartwearmingly reversed: after the Titans win the semi-finals, Boone arrives home… and every White person in the neighborhood comes outside to cheer for and congratulate him. Boone is so taken by this that he tells his daughters that he isn't going to work on game strategy tonight — instead, he boosts Nikki onto his shoulders and spins her around in the street as she happily yells "WE'RE GONNA WIN STATE!"
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  • A black player, Petey, makes the 'mistake' of talking to a pair of white girls. Said white girls' boyfriends take umbrage at this and jump him. Their mistake? The Titans are a TEAM now. Gerry and Julius jump in to the fight, not with anger in their hearts, but to shut the fight down, irrespective of how their fellows look at them for doing so.
  • After the Titans begin their winning streak, Julius is walking along the street when a cop car pulls up alongside him. Julius is (rightfully) terrified… but the white officer only wanted to congratulate him on a great game. Later, Julius arrives at Gerry's house, and the two engage in some friendly banter while Gerry's mother watches from the window. Gerry then takes Julius inside to meet her, and he picks her up in an enormous bear hug.
  • The two coaches interacting in the final game, after spending most of the movie passively-aggressively competing, even as they encourage the boys to get along.
    Coach Yoast: Coach, I sure could use your help. Ed Henry's kicking my ass out there.
    • And later...
    Coach Boone: You're Hall of Fame in my book.

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