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  • Summer’s relationship with her family and her determination to help her mysterious healer after Jaune accidentally prevents her canon death.
    • After she gets into regular contact with Jaune and Emerald, she all but adopts the two into the family. Emerald even calls her 'Auntie Summer' as she is pretty much the most important person to her next to Jaune.
  • A young Sun sincerely believes that the nice old man (Jaune) who gave him food and some money is a wizard, and is inspired to become a huntsman, earn his promised happily ever after, and maybe even seek out that so-called girl of his dreams who’s out there.
    • It's later revealed that Sun read Jaune's expressions and guessed that the "wizard" was lying to him when he promised Sun a Happily Ever After, but Sun doesn't care so long as he can make sure it ends well for the girl he's meant to love... whoever she is.
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  • Raven is enthusiastic upon finding someone else (Jaune) who distrusts Ozpin. Later, she teleports to him when heavily injured out of trust that he wouldn’t attack her like her Tribe might. They develop a teasing banter and a habit of her randomly teleporting to him to drink and talk.
  • Raven uses a portal to send Jaune to Patch, and can only send portals to people she has a connection or bond with. Jaune assumed that she used the connection to Taiyang or Yang, but the person she felt connected to- the one she sent the portal to- was Summer. This is later confirmed when she says to herself that there's only two people in the world she really counts as friends, and Summer is one of them. The other is Jaune.
  • Winter finds a mentor in Specialist Jaune Ashari. It is mentioned that he is one of the few people to genuinely seem to care about her during this time of her life, and his skill and kindness results in some hero-worship that has since transitioned into a full-fledged crush.
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  • Emerald is confused by Jaune’s Affectionate Gesture to the Head towards her the first couple of times he does it, but soon stands close to him in a stressful time out of the internal justification that he seems to like doing it. Later, when he hugs her, she responds by ruffling his hair, much to his and Winter’s amusement.
  • Winter reluctantly continues to stay in her role as the SDC heiress instead of formally joining the Atlas Specialists. This lets Weiss pursue her dreams of becoming a Huntress without Jacques’ objections, gives Whitley a positive role-model who genuinely cares for his wellbeing, and allows her to start positively influencing the SDC from the inside. Even sweeter when her old Specialist mentors Echo and Delta join the SDC Security Corps upon retiring and begin working alongside her as the only ones who address her as “Winter” and seem to actually trust her as combatant.
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  • Jaune saving his Specialist Team included saving Foxtrot, who (along with said team) died in the original timeline. Except that Foxtrot wasn't just anyone, she's Helena Nikos, Pyrrha's older sister. After Jaune leaves, she goes back home to protect her little sister from her father.
  • Yang and Emerald’s immediate rivalry is born out of both thinking their family members are stronger, and results in violence during their first meeting. Jaune muses that teasing and fighting like this is how Yang often shows affection and that these interactions might be good to help get Emerald to socialize. When Vernal starts rubbing her superiority in the twos’ faces, they call a truce. Later, Emerald outright thinks of Yang as a friend, which is a huge step for someone with her background.
  • Raven's friendship with Jaune in and of itself, as it seems to be based on mutual respect, but also simple friendship between two people who don't have to put up walls between them. There's no romance between them, and they genuinely seem comfortable around one another.
  • Chapter 21 has Emerald start to call Jaune "Dad," but she cuts herself off before anything other than the first "d" gets out.
  • Chapter 27: When Jaune tells Emerald that she is his daughter and that he loves her, she has tears streaming down her face.
  • Chapter 29 has Jacques get a whole scene of these after Winter reports a sixty percent reduction in successful White Fang raids across the company's holdings. He smiles and expresses pride in Winter's efforts, gives her and her staff a raise, and actually apologizes for being too rash over her decision to go to Atlas Academy. To cap it all off, he even teases her over Jaune and rubs Whitley's head when he comes looking for Winter. Whitley himself says that Winter remaining in Atlas has enabled Jacques to become a better, happier person in the long run.
  • Chapter 36: After 29 chapters of anticipation, Emerald has an emotional goodbye with Jaune, as he leaves on a mission to Menagerie with Winter and Qrow, where she finally calls him dad.
  • Chapter 40: After getting betrayed by Blake thanks to him holding the Idiot Ball, Jaune gets rescued by Raven. Who took the risk and revealed herself to Hazel as the Spring Maiden, but also showed herself to Qrow, Winter, and Ozpin. Given that up until this point, she's been adamant about not helping any of these people in the slightest (or even visiting them,) that she'd do so for Jaune says a lot.
    • To a very small degree, that Jaune trusted Blake (the one from his timeline) so much that he was willing to do very stupid things on the word of her counterpart is a little heartwarming all on its own.
  • Chapter 42: Emerald wants to help Jaune, not because she feels she has to be useful to him, but because she wants to help protect her friends. On top of this, she openly calls him dad to his face for the first time. The dialogue also makes clear that she has no fear of him voluntarily leaving her anymore, that she trusts and loves him absolutely (before that, she still had a bit of "he'll leave or replace me eventually," mentality running through her head.)
  • Qrow may be Ozpin's man through and through, but when Ozpin starts to insist that Ruby become a huntress because, like canon, she still has her silver eyes, even after the trauma she suffered at the Vytal Festival made her abandon that dream, Qrow puts his foot down and says that if he had to choose between supporting Ozpin and supporting his nieces, "[Ozpin] wouldn't like the answer." He's not alone, either; Taiyang and Summer both said the same thing to Ozpin, independently of Qrow. Loyalty to Ozpin be damned, family always comes first.
  • While it is a shout out to Dragonball Z Abridged, and she does put Vernal below the Grimm (and on reflection, Winter goes below the Grimm but above Vernal), when Emerald describes "The Pecking Order," she puts Jaune at the top (obviously). Less obviously, she puts Summer in second on the Pecking Order (below Jaune but above herself).
  • While blended with Tear Jerker, the reason why Vernal wants to train with Jaune so much and dislikes Emerald is because she views him as a combination of mentor and father figure.
  • After Jinn refuses to answer Jaune's question (citing that he's from an era where there's no questions remaining), Raven automatically gets both remaining questions and uses her first to ask Jaune's question - the location of Ren and Nora.
  • After beating Sun in the Mistral Tournament by using her Semblance, Pyrrha is noticeably upset but is comforted by remembering Jaune's statement that you use every tool at your disposal to win a fight.
  • Raven actually comes to the Mistral Tournament to discreetly watch her daughter compete after the Relic of Knowledge showed her how far her counterpart from Jaune's time fell due to distancing herself from her loved ones.
  • Yang and Emerald's match in the tournament shows how far they've come from their initial bitter rivalry. Both openly enjoy their match and when Emerald realizes she's going to lose, she mentally thinks about how they'll continue pushing each other higher then congratulates Yang out loud just before the finishing blow is struck.
  • Pyrrha refuses to fight Yang with the deck stacked so heavily in her favornote  so she injures herself with her own weapon until her Aura is brought down to Yang's level.
  • In Chapter 54, Raven goes to save Ren and Nora from Watts on her own with only the teenaged rookie Jaune Arc as backup, not as a favor to the older Jaune Ashari, but because she witnessed Jaune's memories in the Relic of Knowledge and her experience was so vivid she formed the same bonds that Jaune did with his friends. She admits that she threw away all her previous bonds out of fear and - for the same reason - won't throw away her new ones.
  • Ever since Jaune saved them in Kuroyuri, Ren and Nora have been searching for him ever since.
    • When Nora is rescued by Young Jaune in Chapter 54, she immediately calls him "Fearless Leader" just like her canon self and puts her faith in him without a second thought. Even when Jaune corrects her by admitting he's not fearless, she cheerfully amends the title to "Fearful Leader" instead, and continues to follow him anyway.
  • In spite of young Jaune's belief that his family wouldn't even notice him missing, the story proves him dead wrong. The entire Arc family panics trying to find him, taking steps that include filing a missing persons report, checking his usual haunts, and his father heading towards Vale's CCT so he can try to call him directly.
  • Raven and Qrow may not have the best relationship, but his worried reaction to finding her heavily injured proves that he still cares about her on a basic level.
    • Qrow trolling Raven by encouraging Jaune and Nora to think she's a fairy. That's exactly what an Annoying Younger Sibling would do.
  • In chapter 61, Jaune internally forgives Ozpin's actions from canon and comforts the one in the current timeline, letting Ozpin know that he's not perfect and everyone makes mistakes.
  • In chapter 74, Jaune and Winter agree to court each other for a while before deciding if they want to get married.
  • By the time canon starts, Menagerie is well on it's way to being recognized as the official fifth Kingdom.

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