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Heartwarming / Red

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  • Crosses over with Tear Jerker when Joe and Frank say goodbye to each other.
  • When Ivan saves Victoria. Aw.
  • When Cooper gets home to his family.
    • Both times when he gets home to his family, in fact. The first instance shakes the image of him being heartless without any ties.
  • When Victoria first spoke about killing her lover because they were opposing espionage agents, it was tears all around. But when it was revealed that Ivan was in fact the agent, and Victoria had deliberately shot him in the chest to avert actually killing him... Awwww..

Crowning Moments of Heartwarming for the Naruto fanfic Red

  • Everything Naruto and Hinata:
    Her entire silhouette was practically a portrait of a moonlit night. Naruto knew that Hinata, with her eyes like stars and heart of sheer giving, would blossom in the darkness. And his future would bloom around her.
  • Everything Sasuke and Sakura:
    Spurred on by an audience of four ever-loving swans, Sakura made to do what she'd thought herself too cowardly to do.
    Uchiha Sasuke beat her to it.
    He kissed her.
  • And everything Sasuke and Itachi:
    'The best cure of all for when a bigger brother is hurting...'
    He is smiling again. Sasuke doubts he will ever forget that smile.
    '... is a great big hug from his little brother! It's called the 'Little Brother Remedy'. And... come to think of it...'
    He rubs his back. 'I really overworked myself today. My back is killing me...'
    Sasuke is upon him before he can even finish his sentence. A bone-crushing, tiny-armed hug around the neck.
    'I will always be here...' mumbles the child, 'with the 'Little Brother Remedy'. Whenever you need it.'
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  • Chapter 22 is full of numerous heartwarming moments as Naruto and Shikamaru return from the Cloud front, most notably between Kakashi and Anko, between Hinata and Sakura and between Naruto and Hinata. Then the bombs drop...
  • In the Epilogue, Sakura and Sasuke finally being reunited.