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Heartwarming / Realm of the Elderlings

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The Farseer Trilogy:

  • Burrich and Fitz mending their father-son relationship after Nosy's revealed to be alive after all.
  • Fitz reassuring Verity of his belief in him. Verity mourns the fact that Chivalry is dead, and wishes that he could follow someone as self-assured and capable as his brother. When he asks Fitz if he's ever felt that way, Fitz only quietly looks at him and assures him that he does.
  • All the glimpsed moments of Burrich taking care of his friend—Molly and her baby, Nettle.

The Tawny Man:

  • Most of the third book after Feathers in a Fool's Cap. "Crowning" at one point.
  • It can come off as heartwarming (if you assume that by this point Fitz has damn well earned his happy ending) or as Mood Whiplash (if you feel like everything settles down a little too conveniently for Fitz in the end.)

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