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Heartwarming / RE-TAKE

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  • Shinji and Asuka's wedding preparations. Asuka finding journal entries of her lost memories and resolving to go hunt down Shinji, only to find him walking by her house in Germany, looking for her, the instant she steps outside.
  • "Rei, look after the idiot for me" Overlaps heavily with Tear Jerker.
  • Shinji and Ghost-Asuka's conversation about Asuka (After the 16th Angel, and Asuka's mind loss), and how he refuses to abandon her, despite her doll-like state.
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  • Ritsuko's conversation with Shinji at the end sheds light into the final moments of Gendo Ikari. While he was without a doubt a monster, in the end he tried to act as a father one last time. This is highlighted with the Positron Cannon access password, which Gendo gave Ritsuko shortly before dying: FUTURE.
  • The picture at the top of the heartwarming fan woks page, showing that despite everything, Shinji and Asuka have finally come to fully accept each other. Might border on Tear Jerker if you are part of the camp that believes that they are dead. Or the fact that Shinji/Ghost-Shinji willingly gave up his dream, so Ghost-Asuka wouldn't be alone.
  • Ghost-Asuka's converstation with God, and where that leads... and finally, from the final volume... well, actually, it is better expressed by video. Especially the last couple of minutes, when the soundtrack changes.
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  • Shinji and Asuka coming to accept each other in the first issue (with the added eye candy of them having sex), and again in the final issue.
  • A younger Asuka and canon!Shinji passing out wedding invitations. Shinji encounters his father and urges him to attend the wedding ceremony. Gendo says it's all just a foolish game and Shinji replies while it is game, if they weren't in love they wouldn't be marrying. Gendo coldly walks away telling him he has a meeting in Matsushiro that will keep him from attending and there can be no sudden change of schedule . He then reveals to Shinji that he's sending Fuyutsuki in his place. In a doubly funny moment, when Shinji scrambles to give his father an invitation, Gendo shows Asuka already gave him one. He tells Shinji to take care of himself. It makes what happens later incredibly cruel.
    • Shinji and Rei have a heart-to-heart of why he'd grown so distant from Rei. Their close bond frightened him especially with how he liked her and Shinji thought that'd threaten what he had with Asuka. He apologizes about how much he'd hurt her and knowingly ignored it. Rei gives him a bit of a What the Hell, Hero?, before saying she cannot forgive him, then pulling a Bait-and-Switch "For not inviting me to the wedding tomorrow...I cannot forgive you."


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