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Heartwarming / Rango

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Warning: Spoilers are unmarked, per wiki policy.

  • When Beans has another of her zone outs during the posse's Darkest Hour, Rango tries to encourage her, and he can't resist giving a peck on the cheek of the lizard he's growing to love. As he turns to leave, Beans returns to consciousness, apparently aware of what Rango did and smiling privately.
    • Another interpretation of that scene is that she faked that particular zone-out specifically to give Rango that opportunity
    • Note that the "zone-out / zone-in" sound effect doesn't play when she regains consciousness in that scene. Merrimack (who doesn't even have these spells) imitates the "zone-out" half for emphasis when discussing them in an earlier scene, lending credence to the latter theory.
  • Rango, having been exposed by Jake, going back to find the fish from his terrarium and hugging it.
  • When Priscilla, the near emotionless aye-aye girl, embraces Rango at the end and says, "Thank you. You brought the water back."
    • She's also nice enough to shut him up when he starts in on a Moment Killer: "Don't spoil it."
  • Beans kissing Rango when they're in the drowning tank after excitedly saying "You came back!"
  • An atypical example, but Rattlesnake Jake showing his sense of honor and acknowledging Rango as a real hero at the end.
    "I tip my hat to you, one legend to another."
  • While the posse is sleeping in the desert, Buford can be seen with his hand resting comfortingly on Spoons.
  • Spoons's request to "say a few words" for Merrimack, and later to the Spirit of the West, even asking the posse to join hands.
    • The fact that the posse doesn't hesitate to join hands proves how much they count on each other, especially in those times.
      Spoons: It's a hard life we've's nice to have someone to believe in again.
  • Every time Rango and Roadkill help each other out.
  • All of the townspeople enjoying their new supply of water, both for drinking and for having fun like they’re at the beach, in the extended ending.