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Heartwarming / Rabbid Luigi

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  • Fawful's Minion's speech about Skyward Sword in Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games. Especially when he consoles Will when said speech makes him feel bad for his previous criticism for the game:
    Rabbid Luigi: ...God, I feel like such a bastard now...
    Fawful's Minion: It's alright, man. I know you don't hate the game.
  • Will's surprisingly profound way of summing up the ending of Persona 3 at the end of Top Five Bittersweet Endings:
    Rabbid Luigi: It isn't all about you; it's what you leave behind.
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  • The ending of Top 10 Worst Games of 2018. After nine entries of bashing the worst games in 2019, his number 1 entry Metal Gear Survive goes in a different direction. Instead of insulting the game itself, he gives a heartfelt speech about how the franchise impacted his life and how he will always have those memories of it.

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