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  • The first chapter offers a glimpse of Danny Hebert's general condition following Taylor's death. He's... not good. He later confesses he sunk into depression - being outright Driven to Suicide yet failing due to Neptune's apparition - so bad he became a recluse. Then someone comes at the door. And that's Taylor - no trick, no pretender, just Taylor, maybe not totally normal now, but she's here and she's still his daughter. You will cry when he embraces her.
  • After amiably chatting with his new mistress, Death tells her where to find her mother's flute. And assures her Annette isn't angry with Taylor.
    • Death in this fic is actually a big sweetie, exactly the one you want to see when it's time to leave the stage. Just look at him assuring Carol Dallon she's not a horrible human being - she's flawed, but not awful. And he offers her tea!
  • Neptune's entire existence. He was born out of Danny's despair over his unability to save Taylor when she needed help. Three months later, Taylor requires help when she fights the Simurgh and almost dies Buried Alive. And Neptune is there to rescue her - Danny manages to save his daughter when she's trapped this time.
    • When he comes back with another water-human called Salacia? She looks like Annette Hebert with angel wings.
  • The fact Madison actually turns a new leaf and becomes The Paladin. Even a bully can change for the better.
  • When Dragon chews Armsmater for his suicidal charge against the Simurgh, he retorts that he had just saw the Endbringer apparently kill Dragon and it led him to realize a world without her wasn't worth living in it.
    • Since Dragon's ascension gave her a human body, she can actually date the man she loves. And they're plain adorable.
  • Chronos freeing Sarah Kissinger - Gray Boy's first victim - from the time loop she was locked in. She actually blubbers when she manages to see colours again.
  • With Death in this story, Together in Death never fails to appears:
    • Since Bonesaw was so Brainwashed and Crazy she couldn't be considered responsible for her crimes, Riley is allowed to reunite with her mother.
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    • Zion finally being with Eden again. Even more, he accepts to reincarnate as a lesser life form because she thinks she would like it and so he's ready to devolve, just for her.
    • Due to his efforts to impede the Abominations and his repentance, Dracul is freed from his torment for rebirth, with the tip that his beloved Lisa waited for him before being reborn herself. In the ultimate chapter, we get to see them as Soma Cruz and Mina Hakuba, happy as can be.
  • Taylor and Rose are obviously very close as sisters.
  • Alucard wistfully remembering how he found his wife's reincarnation, when she immediately called him by his given name, leading him to fall in love with her all over. In the epilogue, Narwhal absently calls him Adrian, revealing she's the new incarnation, and they fall in love with each other again. Eternal Love for the win.


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