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Heartwarming / Quantum of Solace

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  • Mathis and Bond talk at a bar on a plane. Bond is drinking to forget about his relationship with Vesper. Mathis comes along to comfort him.
  • Despite her Disposable Woman status, Bond seems genuinely angry at Fields' death, wanting it noted that she showed true bravery and abandoning Green in the desert with only a can of oil to drink, likely a reference to how Fields was drowned.
  • Paired with "Tearjerker', Bond and Camille sincerely bonding over their shared tragedies and realizing that they're too damaged to attempt a real relationship, but genuinely wishing each other well when they part ways. It's ironic that he develops a far more profound relationship with a woman he doesn't sleep with than with the numerous ones that he has bedded throughout the franchise's history.
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  • Doubling as a Tear Jerker, Bond comforting Mathis as he dies from a pair of fatal bullet wounds. Mathis tells Bond he needs to forgive Vesper for what she did, and reveals that Mathis isn't his real name. Bond finds this amusing. What's even more heartwarming is that later, Bond finds the time to avenge his death by killing the corrupt Police Chief, who had betrayed him and caused his death.


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