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Heartwarming / Pride and Prejudice

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  • Elizabeth insisting on walking the three miles to Netherfield to take care of Jane. She has no time for the petty games that Bingley's sisters try to play and soon finds that the only tolerable person there is Mr. Bingley (Darcy still being in jerk mode at this point), but she puts up with it because she only cares about helping her sister get better.
    • Elizabeth and Jane's relationship in general. They love and respect each other so much and are always ready to look out for one another: absolutely ideal sisters.
  • All of the times when Darcy cuts down Caroline for belittling Elizabeth.
  • Georgiana Darcy's eagerness to meet Elizabeth, because her brother has been talking of Elizabeth in such glowing terms.
  • Bingley proposes to Jane at last; Jane gushes to Lizzy that she doesn't know how one person could possibly contain so much happiness.
  • Every damn thing Darcy does as soon as he discovers Elizabeth in distress after reading Jane's letter in Lambton. He immediately forgets whatever it was he had been about to say and focuses himself entirely on helping her as best he can, even though at this point he still believes he has no chance to win her heart. If any proof was ever needed that Darcy truly loves Elizabeth, this is it.
    • Further proof: not only does he not tell her of his help, he insists that no one else tell her either, specifically because he doesn't want her to feel any obligation to him. He's really and truly not doing it for any reason other than that he loves her and wants to make her happy.
  • The close relationship Mr. Bennet has with Lizzy. As we learn from Lady Catherine, the daughters of the time typically were of "little consequence" to their fathers. Not only does Mr. Bennet dote on Lizzy constantly, but he also apologizes for what the consequences of his poor financial planning and not acknowledging Elizabeth's concerns regarding Lydia's behavior will have on them. How many parents even nowadays will admit their kid was right and they were wrong?
    • While Mrs. Bennet was inevitably playing up her threat to never speak to Lizzy again after refusing Mr. Collins and the two knew it, it was still sweet for Mr. Bennet to show he didn't want his daughter feeling forced to marry.
  • The close relationship - though most of it is off-screen - of Darcy and Georgiana.
  • Darcy's graciousness to the Gardiners. One of the biggest objections he and the Bingley sisters have to marrying into the Bennets' family was that they were related to people who actually worked for their money, rather than just owning profitable land. Elizabeth is looking for his reaction when she introduces them to him, since he mistook them for "people of fashion," not her working-class relatives she's been repeatedly taunted over. But Darcy doesn't miss a beat and is perfectly courteous and kind to them, and grows to love them as much as Elizabeth does. They might be in trade, but they are the most level-headed, kind, and intelligent relatives Lizzy has.


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