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  • In Degrees of Greatness, Drew and Adrian manage to save the female Postosuchus.
  • Although their was ultimately nothing that could be done to save the baby cynodonts, they were at least able to rescue the parents, which will now hopefully have a successful second chance at parenthood in the safety of the park.
  • The birth of the ophthalmosaurus pups in "The Cruel Sea".
  • At the conclusion of Age of Giants, Jack, Adrian, and Alice manage to rescue the male ''Ornithocheirus''. As the next chapter shows, he's starting to recover.
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  • As of "Storm in the Desert," Jack and Leon appear to be finally allowing their friendship to become much less vitriolic and more genuine. They have clearly come a long way since their squabbling in "Life in Transition."
  • Furthermore, also as of "Storm in the Desert" the relationship between Jack and Collete that was first teased in "Passport to Hell" appears to have only gotten stronger. By the time of the beginning of "Storm in the Desert," it seems as if they're practically already a couple. The fact that the happy go lucky Jack and the guarded and aloof Collete are capable of getting along and having a relationship this sweet between them is actually quite heartwarming in and of itself.
  • And sometime later, Drew and Cynthia also manage to officially hook up!
  • When Drew is stuck in the post KT-Event cretaceous landscape during A Continent of Blight, he manages to form a very unlikely bond with another unlikely survivor, the adult female t-rex.
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  • When Drew finally makes it back from his accidental time stuck in the past, the understandably relieved Cynthia goes so far as to first hit him for scaring her, and then kiss him 'for everything else'.
  • As of Nightmare Labyrinthine, Cirrus not only appears to have formed a strong bond with Linda, but he even successfully defends her against the escaped velociraptors that manage to get inside the veterinary facility before the lockdown is initiated. Also counts as a moment of awesome.
  • In a sense, the fact that, despite heavy evidence against her, Cynthia turns out to in fact truly be on Drew's side as of A Glorious Dawn.
  • In another case of Spared by the Adaptation, Cynthia and the Denhams manage to send the prehistoric ants to the park in time to prevent them from killing and eating the mother gastornis's newly hatching chicks. And even better, the mother gastornis herself appears quite grateful for this.
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  • And as if two couples weren't enough, another may soon be on the horizon as of A Glorious Dawn. Specifically, the potential romance that was initially teased several times between Leon and Yolanda during the first two phases is once again teased. And this time, it seems entirely likely that this possible pairing, much like Collete and Jack and Drew and Cynthia, could soon blossom into full on romance as well by the end of the story! Considering how much Leon felt like a 3rd wheel around Drew and Cynthia during one mission and may very well have not felt any better about his status as a single dude when he found out about Jack and Colette being together, the fact that the resident autistic animal expert of the park may very well find love amongst one of the first people working at the park apart from Drew and Adrian that he actively approached to try to work and form a bond with is truly heartwarming to think about. And Yolanda has certainly proven herself compatible when you consider how there were probably several meaner girls amongst the bullies who tormented him when he was younger.
  • In Serpents of the Nile, not only are Leon and Alice shown to indeed be seemingly good friends at this point, but Leon even trusts her with the knowledge of his feelings for Yolanda to the point of asking her advice on how to handle the situation. And in a parallel of this, Yolanda herself is trusted by Will with the knowledge of his own feelings for Alice. Yolanda and Alice even give Will and Leon (respectively) the exact same advice on how to handle their respective situations.
  • In The New Giants, an orphaned baby cynodictis is rescued and subsequently placed under Yolanda and Alice's care.

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