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Heartwarming / Precocious

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  • Autumn's parents using dolls of each other as teddy bears.
  • Precocious is rarely about the heartwarming, but a deleted scene near the end of the Summer Camp storyline featuring Johnny Turringer stands out as a ray of hope in a very cynical world.
  • Easily topping that, however, is the strip about Vincent's "family tree".
  • Kaitlyn's sketchbook shows that, despite how Yvette perceives her own status when Kaitlyn shows Ursula the ropes regarding Poppinstock culture (and Ms. Monster's class, in particular), Kaitlyn herself considers Yvette to be higher-tier in the friend category.
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  • Speaking of Yvette, Yvette sleeping happily amongst dolls of classmates and others is simply adorable.
  • Some strips in Break Week:
    • 1 gives you a clear signal that the days of the Sapphire Lake crew forgetting or simply not perceiving the Copper Roaders have come to an end, and friendships have been made.
    • Of course, the inner circle of friends remains extra-special, as Tiffany's wall artwork in 3 signifies.
    • And while the Alt Text may undermine it somewhat, there's no way Bud and Autumn could have gotten into this adorable position unknowingly. They must just be that comfortable with each other.


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