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The comics

  • This one takes place during the Dice Island arc (The Thimble Theater arc Popeye debuted in). Having won all of the money in Fadewell's casino, Castor Oyl gives half his winnings to the collection of now-broke ex-millionaires gathered on the beach so they can get home.
  • After 70 years of being a father figure, Popeye officially adopted Swee'pea in a Sunday strip from November 21, 2004 in celebration of National Adoption Month. This was also marked by a special event held in New York City.
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  • In the Plunder Island story arc, Popeye is fighting Alice the Goon when a little goon runs up and shouts "Mama!" Popeye is blown away to learn that Alice has a kid. He immediately stops the fight and promises to free Alice from the Sea Witch, so the two can go back to their home.

The cartoons

  • In "Be Kind To Aminals", Popeye takes such umbrage at Bluto abusing his horse, that the first thing he does is put himself between the two and let Bluto whip him instead!
    "Better ME than the dumb aminal!"
  • In "Leave Well Enough Alone", while Popeye really should have thought through the idea of buying all the animals in Olive's pet shop and letting them loose on the street, that he was willing to part with $500 for their freedom really says a lot about his generosity (and keep in mind, $500 was an even bigger amount of money then than it is now). At least he had enough sense to round them all back up to Olive's shop once things went south (and parted with even more of his money just so the animals he unwittingly freed wouldn't wind up in the Pound).
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  • In "Cops is Always Right", Popeye, despite being annoyed by the bookish police officer, is so good hearted, that when he accidentally knocks the officer out with a flower pot, he's horrified—he proceeds to drive himself to the police station, deliver the unconscious officer there, and then lock himself up in a cell!
  • The finale to Goonland.
    Popeye: I just found me pappy/And now I am happy.
    Pappy: I'm Popeye the sailor's old man.
    (both toot their pipes in unison)
  • The song "What Can I Do For You" from Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp.
  • Fightin' Pals. Bluto has gone missing in Africa, and Popeye drives himself to terrible fatigue just trying to find him. When he does find Bluto (who is actually no worse for wear), Bluto immediately feeds him a can of Spinach that rejuvenates him! The two then proceed to start beating the crap out of each other and it still fits perfectly.
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  • Never Sock A Baby. Especially the ending.
  • "Fowl Play" has a song Popeye trained a parrot to sing to Olive.
  • Let's Celebrake: Not wanting to see Olive's grandmother alone on New Year's Eve, Popeye lets Bluto take Olive while he takes her out. Popeye even feeds her his spinach so she can dance with him! No conflict, just a Happy New Year for all involved.
  • Bulldozing the Bull has Popeye refusing to fight a bull. Eventually he gets forced into fighting it, so he only really acts in self-defense. But when he's made to kill it, he refuses and leaves. The bull then befriends him.
  • In "Me Musical Nephews", Popeye's nephews bless Bluto alongside Popeye, Olive, Swee'Pea, Wimpy and the fans of their cartoons in their prayers, in which Popeye nods approvingly.

The movie

  • Early in the film we see Popeye keeps a picture frame with the words Me Poppa in place of a picture. The CMOH comes later when we see Pappy has an identical picture frame with the words Me Son.
  • Pick a Popeye/Swee'pea moment. Any Popeye/Swee'pea moment.
  • During the Sail With Me/Stay With Me song, Olive and Popeye sing about the futures they hope Swee'pea will have. There's a part where Olive is singing about how Popeye might be the guy she's been dreaming of, and that she hopes that he'll settle down with her.
    • There's also "He Needs Me", where Olive sings about how Popeye is the first person who's ever needed her.


  • Bluto's Famous-era voice actor, Jackson Beck was really nice in real life. When Popeye fan club president Fred Grandinetti asked Jackson Beck to reprise his voice role as Bluto for a TV interstential for his Popeye show, Jackson not only gladly reprised the role, but even did it free of charge!

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