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Heartwarming / Ponies One Half

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This being a Friendship is Magic crossover, there're plenty of these!

  • The first major one comes at the beginning of Chapter 5. Ranma wakes up in a cold sweat after having the nightmare where he marries Kuno, and after catching his breath, notices Pinkie there. She's a mess, hair straight, tears streaming down her face, and sobbing uncontrollably. A quick question from Ranma reveals she had "The Cupcake Killer" nightmare again. Ranma's first inclination is to try and cheer her up, and he even let's her snuggle with him so she can get back to sleep.
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  • When Applejack is feeling sorrow over having to lie about herself in ch.6, Akane helps her feel better, thus beginning their friendship.
  • When Ryoko injures her ankle at the Martial Arts Marathon's end, Ran carries her over the finish line.
  • When Ranma is injured when fighting the Golden Pair, Momo loses it. Ryoga helps calm her down.
  • When the CMC reunite with the Mane Cast.
  • Nearly all of the ship tease moments between Chiyo and Ryoga.
  • In ch.46, Ryoga jumps in trying to stop the fight between Uyko and Ranma, saying how much he's changed since meeting the Mane Cast:
    • Ryoga: "Trust me, I used to hate Ranma for what he did too. I blamed all my problems on him. But after going though so much with him, I now consider him my best friend."
  • When everyone decides to help Ranma when it seems the Moxibustion is stuck in ch.75.
  • When Ryoga is worried about what'll happen when Fluttershy (who he's fallen in love with) eventually ends up returning to Equestria, Luna visits his dreams to comfort and encourage him.
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  • Madame St. Paul's attempts to have Momo eat meat cause her to give Momo a Cupcake Killer nightmare. Thankfully, Luna shows up to help Momo feel better.
  • Luna uses her Dream Walker powers to show Picolet how crushed Momo'd be if she was forced to marry him. This causes him to throw the dinner party eating contest, even eating Momo's meat portions, runining Madame St.Paul's plans to cause Momo to lose. This helps birth an odd friendship between Momo and Picolet.

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