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Heartwarming / Pollyanna (1960)

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  • Pollyanna tells crabby old Mrs Snow a story about how she always wanted a doll for Christmas but never got one. At the neighbourhood Bazaar when Pollyanna goes to a stall where everyone gets a surprise toy, Mrs Snow sneaks under the stand and makes sure Pollyanna gets a doll. Possibly the most Heartwarming defrosting of an ice queen ever.
  • Nancy becoming Pollyanna's first friend and giving her a mirror for her bedroom, all as thanks for covering for her with Aunt Polly.
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  • Pollyanna's talk with the Reverend Ford, with him coming to the realization that he's been both a total dick, and a pawn of Polly Harrington.
    Reverend Ford: [reading Pollyanna's locket] When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will. - Abraham Lincoln.
    Pollyanna: He was President.
    Reverend Ford: Yes, I know... but I've never heard that before...
  • This gets a beautiful Meaningful Echo in the end sequence. Reverend Ford is one of the last people Pollyanna sees.
    "We looked for the good in them. And we found it, didn't we?"
  • Mrs Tarbell is something of a Beta Bitch to Aunt Polly. The last we see of her is her husband standing up to her and forcing her to join the bazaar. It's not drawn attention to much but she's among the people who come to wish Pollyanna well. In fact she's the first person Pollyanna greets. It shows that, for all her snobby ways, she too was horrified at something like that happening to a child — and wanted to see if she was alright. Also it's the only time we see her smile. And it's lovely.
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  • Pollyanna teaching Nancy the English folk song 'Early One Morning'. It's just so cute.
  • Pollyanna - after seeing the entire town coming to wish her well - looks to her aunt and calls for her. Polly hurries over to hug her niece with the first really sincere smile we've seen on her face.
  • When Aunt Polly sees the whole town has come to wish Pollyanna well and they ask her to relay the message, Aunt Polly replies they should tell her themselves and immediately welcomes as many of them as she can fit into her house.
  • George and Nancy revealing that they got engaged and they're going to wait for Pollyanna to recover so she can be their flower girl.
  • In some ways the film making it so that we never find out if Pollyanna walks again makes the ending even stronger. She maintains her positive attitude, and you know she'll be alright if the operation doesn't work.


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