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Heartwarming / Pokemon: The Shadow Of Nemesis

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  • One of the few times we see Avery show doubt is when he's about to get his starter Pokemon, as he's afraid it won't like him. Then he chooses Phanphy, who gently bumps him with his trunk before rolling onto his back. Avery proceeds to burst into tears of joy.
    The world was gone to Avery. There was just he and Phanpy.
    And it was right.
    Because Phanpy was right.
  • Abigail's Nidoran and Melody's Mareep sharing a Pokeblock after Nidoran startles Mareep.
  • Blake and Alex helping out Peggy when she starts hyperventilating.
  • After fighting and capturing Sentret, Peggy's Houndour finally stops biting her and seems to accept her as her trainer.
  • A meta-example: Jackson's player, Drummer, had to leave the roleplay due to exams. The whole chat was devastated... and then, less than a week later, he came back. The chat exploded, everyone gathered round to give him hugs...

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