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Heartwarming / Pokémon: The Great Adventure

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The great adventure

  • Silver has just seen his so-beloved adoptive son being turned to stone by Mewtwo and was denied the right to avenge him, so he's crying in a corner about his failure. Cue Ash sneaking in his back and hugging him, with Silver freezing as he has a hard time proceeding Ash is alive. The next second, the two embrace eachother.
  • At the end of the Mewtwo chapter, the egg Lance gave to Ash hatches into a cute baby Axew that immediately sees the boy as his father. Mightyena gives him the True Name of Baby Tooth, asserting herself as the kid's new mother. It comes soon after Ash is brought back to life.
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  • These words: "Don't cry, Little Ashling. You may have lost the Conference, yet you gave us the greatest of all victories."
  • Ho-Oh and Lugia restoring Cinnabar after the volcanic erruption. Blaine is on his knees.

Legends of Johto

  • Ash feeling guilty for Gary being comatose, he uses his connection with the Legendary Council to restore his friend's mind. Not only does it result in Gary gaining psychic powers, it also mellows him down enough that Ash suggests he tags along for his next adventure. When, before leaving for Johto, Gary asks if he's still allowed to join, Ash confirms it and even feels offended that Gary might consider he'd have changed his mind. Gary's "thank you" is very heartfelt.
  • The ending of "Entei and the Crystal Dream" (the 3rd movie) was outright nightmarish, with Molly lethally wounding Simon and Ash's Unstoppable Rage against her. The next chapter, "Aftermath" shows Ash in a deep Heroic BSoD as he grieves over his actions. And yet, none of his friends hold him responsible, not even his own mother who does her best to comfort him and outright orders Silver to do the same. Not even Molly is scared of Ash, and she has every reason to.
    • Remember the scene where Silver is moping about Ash's death during the Mewtwo chapter? Ash is singing his sorrow through the Heart Flute, only for Silver to come from beind and hug him the exacr same way before comforting his surrogate son and telling him that, if his powers can be [impressively destructive, it means they can create even more impressive wonders because Ash isn't someone who hurts, he is someone who heals. He ends up sleeping with the boy when Ash doesn't want him to leave.
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    • The next morning, Ash is beginning to recover but the group worries about the mental scars that are bound to remain. Remembering a similar incident during the Orange Islands, Misty flat out tells Ash he better not get any deeper into his BSOD least she kicks his ass from one side of Johto to the other, and that instead of fearing his powers, he should learn to better control them. And Ash not only listens but starts to think of ways to make good on it.
      • The fact Molly used the last of her powers to create a crystal flute for her new brother. Not only she doesn't fear him, but she's forgiven him as much as everyone else. The fact she got a new family may have something to do with it ...
  • In the same chapter, Ash worrying about Molly and Delia making good on her earlier plan of adopting Molly should her parents turn to be gone for good (her father isn't dead, though), toppled with Darkrai and Cresselia recreating Entei for the litle girl.

Chronicles of Oak's Corall

  • Starlight (Clefable) and Silent Hope (Hitmontop) have always been close, to the point a lot of Ship Tease has been built around them. However, due to the events of Shamouti, Clefable went from Normal (weak to Fighting) to Fairy (strong against Fighting) and is afraid Hitmontop will reject her for being too strong. Is it what happens? Not. At. All. Instead, Hitmontop quietly tells her he doesn't care for such differences and is in fact happy his friend has new amazing powers to train ... before admitting he's in love with her. Cue Headbutt of Love.
  • Silver and Ash in general have a thing for warming people's heart. May it be Silver lulling the boy to sleep singing "To the sky" or giving him the Harmony badge at the end of the boy's Training from Hell, there's no denying the duo is cute together.

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