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Heartwarming / Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys

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  • When both Deoxys' are finally reunited.
  • When both Deoxys' try to protect Rayquaza from the malfunctioning Block-Bots. You can tell they don't hold a grudge. If you look carefully you can even see the look in his eyes when they do it. He now knows he's misjudged them.
  • Even before getting over his fear of Pokémon, when Tory sees one that's in need, his first instinct is to help it rather than run away. In the end, while it's not confirmed if Tory becomes a Pokémon trainer, it's implied that he ends up adopting Plusle and Minun.
    • After Tory becomes friends with Ash and the others, they do their best to help Tory overcome his fear of Pokémon, Ash especially. When Ash convinces Tory to try and pet his Pikachu, Tory's about do so (albeit somewhat hesitantly), but then Ash's Corphish pops out of his poké ball and freaks out Tory. After that, Tory confesses Ash that because of his fear of Pokémon, he's also afraid of getting close to Pokémon trainers—Ash seems very understanding of this and comfort Tory, apologizing for Corphish's actions.