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Heartwarming / Pocket God

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The Comic

  • Nooby has a crush on Sun, but gets jealous when she starts hanging out with Ooga. Seeing his crush with his bestest friend makes him feel unloved. In issue 21, Ooga apologizes for neglecting Nooby and Nooby hugs him; glad to know that Ooga still cares for him.
  • While Klak and Moon are gathering flowers for the funeral, Moon saves Klak from a man-eating plant. Klak asks why she saved him and she says that Teela's death has taught her not take her friends for granted. Klak grins.
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  • When the pygmies defeat the seaweed monster in issue 19, Moon, who has been messing with Klak, hugs him and tell him he almost not looked lame.
    Klak: Aw, it was nothing.
    Moon: I said almost.


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