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  • Near the end, when Reverie/Yumemi calls Junker "Customer" for the last time before her systems shut off due to damage she took, Junker's reply to her is very heartwarming. He could've said, just as he usually did before, that he's not a customer and that he doesn't care, because it simply wouldn't have mattered after he left the sarcophagus city. And instead, he told her that he isn't a customer because "he was returning a staff member, and he had come to take her to the new planetarium."
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  • A Meta one for the anime adaptation. They could have just adapted the visual novel. Firstly, a lot of the background details only alluded to, including giving the Junker an actual name, and they confirmed that, after the short series, a film will adapt the epilogue drama CD, giving the anime adaptation the bittersweet ending that it needs.
  • The Stargazer discovers that the Goddess that the children were praying to is an inactive robot, but having given away Yumemi's memory card to them, is unable to use that to revive Yumemi. Still, his actions and the children's own treasure activate it, and on his deathbed, the robot is the last person to see him, offering a wordless prayer to see him off.
    • In his final moments, the Stargazer dreams of Yumemi and the planetarium where they met. In the midst of a tearful reunion, she thanks him for his efforts in spreading the stories of the stars to the people of Earth.
      • The best parts of this reunion are Yumemi actually having the ability to shed tears and the Stargazer breaking down crying as he realizes his effort to pass on the stories of the stars actually meant something.
  • Yumemi's recorded memories of the staff and customers. She wasn't just a robot to the humans, they absolutely adored her.

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