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Heartwarming / Phoebe and Her Unicorn

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  • This is Ours.
  • Marigold makes Phoebe's last day of summer a good one.
  • At the end of the Halloween arc, this Sunday strip; Max is sad because people don't recognize his costume of Steve Jobs and keep giving him apples when they do. Phoebe picks up on his costume right away and offers him some of her candy as they ride on Marigold together.
  • The conclusion of the 2015 Secret Santa arc.
  • As a Christmas present, Phoebe releases Marigold from the wish that made the unicorn her best friend. Then Marigold gives her present, which is to willingly remain Phoebe's best friend. Here.
    Phoebe: I'll wash the tears and snot out of your mane later.
    Marigold: Yes, you will.
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  • Phoebe and Marigold confirm their friendship through poetry.
  • The third panel of this strip.
    Marigold (to Phoebe): And as my dearest friend, you fill my heart with sparkles and rainbows.
  • The strip for Valentine's Day 2017, in which Marigold declares herself Phoebe's "platonic Interspecies Valentine!"
  • Phoebe's joyful reaction when Marigold returns from a vacation at a unicorn spa.
  • Phoebe helps Marigold get over her Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Phoebe's dad makes her feel better after Dakota makes fun of her.
  • An unusually heartwarming instance of "rebelling against your parents."
  • Marigold can turn even slipping in the mud into a nice surprise for Phoebe.
  • Will Phoebe and Marigold remain friends as they get older? This strip says yes.
  • Lord Splendid Humility says that Phoebe has to do "something worthy of Marigold's friendship." Marigold's response? "I protest! Phoebe is entirely worthy, and always has been." The look of gratitude on Phoebe's face makes it even better.
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  • Phoebe helps Marigold cope with her feelings of rejection after she doesn't get a role in a unicorn play.
  • This Sunday strip has Phoebe and her dad talking while playing a video game together, and it's just so sweet.
  • When Dakota is getting an award from the goblins, she invites Phoebe and Marigold so the latter can translate. Not a particularly heartwarming reason, but when the two arrive after having gotten lost due to Dakota's bad directions, Dakota actually hugs Phoebe in excitement. Whether due to actually liking her, or just being relieved that her translator's there, it's still a hug.
    • And in the next strip, she outright calls Phoebe a friend (albeit in quotations) and when she indirectly calls Phoebe pathetic, she insists it's "the kind where it's a compliment".
  • Marigold agrees to be Phoebe's "lucky unicorn".
  • The last panel of this Christmas strip, which demonstrates Phoebe and Marigold's friendship by showing them curled up together in a Sleep Cute position.
  • Marigold asks Phoebe to give her The Roast as part of her humility lessons. After a few attempts at genuine criticism fall flat, Phoebe goes for the kill.
    Phoebe: The thing about Marigold is, she's wrong about why people like her. Why I like her, at any rate. It's not because she's pretty or magic or a unicorn. It's because she wants to share her pretty magic unicornosity with people. With me. Marigold's not actually selfish. At the end of the day she's the least selfish person I know!
    Marigold: [visibly enraged] You take that back!!!

Alternative Title(s): Heavenly Nostrils