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Peter Pan (Disney animated film)
"You know, I have the strangest feeling that I've seen that ship before. A long time ago, when I was very young."
  • After Tinker Bell (who has been jealous of Peter and Wendy the whole movie) risks her life to save Peter from the bomb:
    Peter: Don't go out! Don't you understand, Tink? You mean more to me than anything in this whole world!
    • And even as she's fading away, Tinker Bell uses the last of her strength to tell Peter Pan that Wendy and her brothers are in danger, making this moment a near Redemption Equals Death for her.
  • Don't forget the end, with the family all watching the golden cloud-ship through the window, and Mr. Darling mentions having seen that ship before, a long time ago, when he was very young.
    • Also when you realise that this means that Mr. Darling himself was a Lost Boy once.
    • Even more heartwarming when the reprise of "You Can Fly" starts up with those suitable words: "When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start!"
  • Despite Tinkerbell trying to MURDER her, Wendy begs Peter not to be too hard on the fairy, showing her sweet nature.
  • Even though it turns to a tearjerker, Peter happily takes an enthusiastic Wendy to meet the mermaids, who she has been dying to see since the very beginning.
  • Micheal sprinkling fairy dust on Nana so she can come along. It doesn't work since no one thinks to cut her leash, but the thought is sweet.
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  • Something should also be said about Tink's dust being all Nana needs to start flying just like the Darling kids. Despite having previously attacked Peter and taken his shadow (implying that she perceived—and may still perceive—him as a threat at the time) and prior narration indicating her ambivalence on the matter of believing in him, she does in fact have the full faith and trust in him required opposite the pixie dust to fly.
  • As odd as it might seem, Captain Hook and Smee's partnership. As much as a Bad Boss the captain is, he never threatens Smee with death. In fact, Smee is the only member of his crew that Captain Hook treats somewhat fondly and is dependent on him a lot (especially when the crocodile is after him) for moral support and physical comfort. In return, Smee tries at best as he can to assure the captain that, in his own way, he'll be there for him. Extra points for the fact that the crew and everyone else in Never Land, apparently, despise both Hook and Smee, making their devotion to each other all the more special.

Peter Pan (live-action film)

  • The subtle love between Mr. and Mrs. Darling. Just look at the smile he gives her at the party!
  • Mrs. Darling's explanation of bravery to her children concerning their father.
  • At the climax, when Hook has left Peter lying on the deck almost beaten, Wendy asks if she can give him a "thimble" and then whispers to Peter, "this belongs to you, and always will" and kisses him. This of course sets off a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Peter.
  • At the end the children have come home and the father is restraining himself before letting go and showing how happy he is that the children are home. Also Slightly comes late to the house to find that the other Lost Boys have already been "adopted" by the Darlings. Aunt Millicent then gets some fairy dust blown at her by Tinker Bell.
    Aunt Millicent: Is your name Slightly?
    Slightly: (slightly confused) Yes.
    Aunt Millicent: Then I am your mother.
    Slightly: How did you know?
    Aunt Millicent: I feel it in my bones.
  • The "I do believe in fairies" chant doubles as this and a Moment of Awesome.
    • Plus, Tink sticking out her tongue at Peter when she comes back to life. It really shows how close the two are.
  • Wendy and Peter's fairy dance scene.
    • Even Captain Hook is touched when he sees them dancing.

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