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Heartwarming / Persona Vein

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Chapter 1

  • The former Phantom Thieves reuniting for so long in person is a nice moment at the start of the chapter. It helps that they are going to the Summer Olympics as longtime friends.

Chapter 2

  • Mentions of Hifumi taking care of Sion allowed him to slowly open up in getting used to living in Tokyo.

Chapter 3

  • Despite the seriousness of the current story, it is nice to see some of the Phantom Thieves and their friends went to Universal Studios Japan.
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  • After stopping a Yokai and Lost skirmish, the heroes are having a celebration by eating food. This is a similar tradition seen in Persona 5 whenever they recruited a new member at a time, now they are doing this to officially celebrate Sion.
  • During the celebration, the Phantom Thieves recount Hifumi and Sion (While Yumeko is not paying attention) about their past events as vigilantes stealing hearts from corrupted adults; going from the foundations by stopping Kamoshida, to unite against Shido, and eventually stopping Yaldabaoth.

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