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Heartwarming / Persona Rebirth

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Nothing yet! Add heartwarming moments from the new site here!

  • One close brush with death later. Commonly referred to as 'Rank 10.' After, well, a close brush with death, Kaji and Kaede proceed to take turns crying and trying to comfort each other over personal issues. It's also the start of the second romance on the forum that isn't completely fucked up.
  • Confrontation in the night, yet another topic that doesn't have a title that screams Heartwarming Moments, starts with Kira and Tsukasa fighting Chouko, who had been stalking Kira for the past few weeks... Okay, it seriously is a CMOH. I swear! Kira goes monster form and is stopped by Ryouta, her boyfriend. The two then hug. D'aww.
  • Underneath all of the angsting in Mistakes from Sora, the topic concludes on a high note.
  • Almost any topic with Atsushi and Minami can be counted as this.
  • Ayane's reunion with Ran after Ran's player returned from a very long hiatus, as well as the love confession that followed.

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