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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
  • Any time Reese or Finch refers to the other by their first name. However it's also often an indicator that shit just got real.
    • It's especially heartwarming when you remember that in the early episodes Reese used to use Finch's first name mockingly, as a reminder that he was able to learn it despite Finch's efforts at thwarting Reese's attempts to learn anything about him. Reese stopped doing this as they grew closer.
  • From the ending of "Judgment" - "Try the Eggs Benedict, Mr. Reese. I've had them many times."
    • To put this in context, Finch is obsessed with concealing personal information about himself from everyone, especially Reese. At the beginning of the episode he refused to recommend anything on the menu of that diner because if Reese knows that Finch has a favorite meal there, it means that he's eaten there multiple times and implies that he lives close enough to that diner to make it a practical place for him to have breakfast, and would give Reese a point of data to figure out where Finch lives.
    • In Season 2 episode 4, the development of their relationship is further demonstrated by the fact that Harold doesn't even hesitate to recommend an entree at a restaurant where Reese is investigating their POI.
    • By the time 2.08 (Til Death) rolls around, Finch is amused when Reese starts fishing for information and even plays along.
    Reese: I didn't know you were a baseball fan, Finch. The Mets?
    Finch: Not particularly.
    Reese: Orioles?
    Finch: I suppose.
    Reese: The A's.
    Finch: (catches on, starts smiling) Oakland is fine. And the Cubs, and the Red Sox too. Although I'm not certain my affection for any one of these teams would reveal where I grew up, Mr Reese.
    • Which is true, as none of those teams is based in or near his home state, which is Iowa.
    • From the end of "Judgment", the judge playing soccer with his son, and John genuinely thanking Harold for giving him a job.
  • In "Foe", Kohl's treacherous former teammate Wernick apologizing for what he did to him after being poisoned, and wishing him peace, as well as the fact that Reese manages to save Wernick afterwards.
  • In "Get Carter", it was lampshaded early on that we don't know Detective Carter's first name. Over the course of the episode she demonstrates her ability as a parent, as a cop, as an Army interrogator (via flashbacks), as the contact for a CI, and in general as a badass. At the end of the episode we see that she's not quite badass enough, but Reese saves her life and takes the time to tell her, "Whether you like me or not, Joss, you are not alone."
  • The dialog between Reese and Finch at the end of "Number Crunch":
    Finch: It's not over, John. I'm close, just get to the ground floor.
    Reese: No, you stay away. Don't even risk it.
    • Also doubles as a major tearjerker. Harold noticeably accelerates his car when the call is terminated, showing how he's desperate to save John from dying of his gunshot wounds.
    • Plus the fact that Finch is willing to risk exposure, death or imprisonment (which would inevitably lead to his death) to save Reese, despite Reese telling Finch not to come and save him.
    • Carter letting Reese and Finch go.
  • Finch's occasional usage of his wealth to resolve problems totally unrelated to what the Machine is predicting.
    • For instance, after one week's POI, an unemployed construction worker is out of danger (but still unemployed and near bankruptcy), Finch casually mentions to Reese that he owns a construction company that needs a new foreman on a big project the company just landed.
  • "Risk" Adam Saunders, the POI decides to retire from trading, goes into business with his Uncle's small food company and decides to hire the homeless people he met when he and John were hiding from the people trying to kill them.
  • Near the end of "Risk", Reese takes a moment to thank his homeless friend Joan for looking after him when he was living on the street. She asks who's looking after him now, and he replies "Someone new" as we see a shot of Finch sitting in the library, listening to the conversation over the phone and he appears touched.
  • In "Identity Crisis", the normally reserved Finch gets doped up on ecstasy and openly offers to answer any question Reese asks him; Reese refrains from taking advantage of the situation, despite his obvious curiosity about Harold's background.
    • The release of Kyle Morrison at the end of the episode, an innocent man being able to return home to his little girl.
  • "Flesh and Blood" Carter's reunion with her kidnapped son. After holding off Elias for them, her trust in John and Harold is rewarded to the greatest extent possible as they moved heaven and hell to get him back.
  • In "Many Happy Returns", Finch gives Reese a key as a birthday present but there's nothing to indicate what it goes to. At the end of the episode, Reese learns that it's the key to a brand-new apartment over-looking the park where he plays chess during his free time.
    • Which incidentally implies that Finch's statement earlier in the episode that he doesn't keep track of what Reese does in his free time was a blatant lie.
    • Harold lying to John actually becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight once you understand that he knew what had happened in New Rochelle and was actually trying to spare John the pain of dragging up some highly unpleasant memories.
    • Not to mention that you could also make an argument that he may have been trying to protect John from himself; while Harold may not know exactly what occurred when John confronted Peter, he likely has a pretty good idea anyways and it could be that he was trying to protect John from having to face that side of himself again.
    • Carter shreds Reese's military records but keeps the photograph of him and Jessica.
  • Finch sees to it that the magazines he owns give his fiancee Grace steady work as a freelance illustrator.
  • "Firewall":
    • The reconciliation between Carter and Fusco when they realize they're Working the Same Case.
    • After Reese tells Fusco that he can keep all the money he's making by working undercover in HR, the first thing Fusco thinks to spend it on is his son to get new hockey gear.
    • Sort of a case of Fridge Heartwarming, but this case shows just how much The Machine values literally everyone. It chose to save Root even though it knew who she was and that she was gaming the system.

    Season 2 
  • Finch testing the machine's abilities. The way he talks to it makes it come across as a father-son relationship.
  • After Reese has rescued Finch from Root and returned him to the library, Root calls the person who just ruined her plans to get to the Machine (for now, anyway) ... and sincerely thanks him for finding the body of her best friend, who had disappeared twenty years prior, allowing the girl to have a proper burial at last. It is the first humanizing moment for Root, who, at this point in the series, is generally amoral.
    • Also, during John's crusade to get Finch back, Fusco and the most recent number get tied up by some modern-Nazis; when John tries to appeal to their better side (mostly by blaming them for wasting his time) he says "I only have one friend." Which is heartwarming enough, but Fusco objects and John says "Alright. Maybe two." Hearing that Fusco (who hitherto had been a 'pet' dirty cop who John blackmailed into assisting him) has now made it to the small list of John's friends is nice.
  • In "Masquerade", Finch slowly growing to like Reese's new dog is both heartwarming and amusing.
    Finch: [throws a ball for the dog to fetch while talking to Reese]
    Reese: [looking deeply amused] What was that noise, Finch?
    • In fact, three episodes later, it's quite clear that Bear is Harold's dog, not John's.
    • Later in the episode, Finch calls Carter to follow up on a lead - and the first thing Carter does is ask Finch how he's doing.
  • Reese's gentle understanding of Finch's PTSD after his abduction by Root, and his gentle but firm insistence that Finch get out of the library.
    • In combination with the above, it's clear that Reese has installed the dog in the library for Finch's protection and reassurance:
      Reese: He may not be much of a conversationalist, but if anyone ever messes with you, he'll eat them.
  • After watching one POI interact with his daughter in "The High Road", Reese is immediately convinced the man is a saint, even chuckling at parts of their conversation. It really speaks to how much calmer he's become working with Finch.
  • The birthday scavenger hunt Harold arranges for Grace in "'Til Death".
    • Harold and Grace in general, really.
    • Nathan's reaction when he realises Harold is dating someone. With his love life falling to pieces around him, he's genuinely happy that his extremely secretive friend has found someone to love.
    • Harold's version of marriage therapy for the POI's, utterly understanding and gentle, telling them they're "not monsters" even when they tried to have each other murdered and allowing them to understand how they both contributed to their marriage falling apart and to realise they have a chance to make up for it. And he's doing this while preparing a candlelit dinner for them
  • In "Shadow Box", Finch comments that Reese seems to be in a good mood; Reese confirms that he is, and says that he actually felt happy when he woke up that morning. "It must be this job." Finch appears touched and responds with a sincere, "Well, I'm glad."
    • This also doubles as a tearjerker when you realize that this is very likely the first time Reese has been genuinely happy since he and Jessica spent a weekend together in Mexico eleven years ago.
  • Bear's delight when Reese comes home at the end of "Dead Reckoning" after being away for three episodes.
    • The genuine smile on Reese's face as he accepted Bear's welcome home dog-tackle. Not a smirk, or a lazy smile, but a genuine happy smile.
  • Pretty much the entire scene on the rooftop between Finch and Reese in "Dead Reckoning," but especially this bit of conversation:
    Reese (a bomb vest strapped to him that will go off in a couple of minutes) trying to get Finch to get out of the danger zone: "This is my past catching up with me; it doesn't concern you."
    Finch: "But this moment does. I'm not leaving you here, John, so can we please stop wasting time?"
    • On the last attempt to disarm the vest, Reese muses that Finch did warn him that sooner or later they'd probably both end up dead, and that if Finch hadn't found him he'd probably be dead already.
    Finch: That's hard to say.
    Reese: Not really. [looks Finch dead in the eyes with absolute calm] Pick a winner, Harold.
  • Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you watch the later episodes Harold's first Only Friend Nathan Ingham was killed by a bomb due to Harold not intervening. Years later with the life of another Only Friend on the line, he's not going to make the same mistake of leaving that person to die and sees this as a chance to make up for letting Nathan's preventable death happen
  • Also, right before the rooftop scene, Carter and Reese's exchange:
    Carter: John, you don't have to do this.
    Reese: You know I do. Because you'd do the exact same thing.
  • From "Booked Solid", Reese introduces Mira to Fusco and tells her that she can trust him, and then he looks directly at Fusco afterwards to confirm that he meant it and that he trusts him as well. Considering that he has a tendency to disregard Fusco, that was pretty huge.
    Reese: "Mira, this is Lionel; and you can trust him."
    • At the end of the episode, Mira who's been flustered most of the time and gone through a massive Trauma Conga Line is hired as the new manager of the hotel under Harold's ownership and for once is genuinely smiling.
  • Finch's speech to Shaw, who is almost insanely paranoid.
    Finch: "The world looks like it did ten years ago, but underneath, it's become very strange indeed. An invisible struggle has begun. Most of the people who knew this are already dead. All things being equal, I prefer you didn't join them."
  • "Proteus": Finch is utterly overjoyed when Carter shoots the POI who was going to kill him and steal his identity. Made all the more sweet when Harold who can't see Carter due to the POI stealing his glasses is asking if it's really her in a rare moment of vulnerability.
  • At the end of "All In", Finch hires the now out of danger POI to repair the watch he destroyed at the end of "One Percent". It's a two million dollar watch, so repairing it will easily earn Lou the money he needs to buy his late wife's former place of work and ensure that nobody can ever try to turn it into a parking lot again.
    • The final scene with Finch and Reese, with John reassuring Harold that he knows why Harold left Grace, even if Lou - who was under the impression Finch just left the woman he loved - does not.
  • "Trojan Horse": Finch and Monica's interactions. She's clearly a woman Finch could get to know better under the right circumstances.
    • Also, Shaw's reaction to events following "Relevance". The government coverup involves painting her dead partner, Cole (as in: the only person Ms. Antisocial Personality Disorder actually liked), as a domestic terrorist, with predictable results for his family. So Shaw hangs out around his parents' place, wanting to go in and set the record straight, but unable to because knowing the truth would make them targets as well.
    • And Reese guessing that Shaw would be hanging around Cole's parents because he would do the same thing in her position, and then going out of his way to track her down and see if she wanted any company. She pretty much tells him to get lost, but as he leaves he tells her that just because they walk in the dark, it doesn't mean they have to walk in it alone.
      • Extra heartwarming because that was something Kara Stanton told Reese when they first started working together, and he tells Shaw a friend of his shared this with him. Even after everything that's happened, even the bomb vest strapped to his chest, Reese still thinks of Stanton as a friend.
    • And Finch planting a story in the media which refutes the allegations against Cole and describes him as a hero who died in the line of duty.
  • The Machine's attachment to Finch is quite cute, in the way only a strange, semi-sentient machine can be; it wants to look after him specifically, despite him trying to teach it not to, sets him up with his future fiance, and generally seems to have an intense amount of interest in him for being "just a machine". His reactions to it definitely range in their cuteness, however.
  • Reese being willing to forgive Finch selling the laptop to the Chinese and inadvertently setting him and Kara on their mutually antagonistic path.
    • Corollary to this, Shaw acknowledging that like her, Reese opens up to very few people.
    • Corollary #2: Shaw trusting Reese, even though she doesn't understand all of his personal history with Finch and the Machine. She's going to make a very formidable addition to Team Machine.
  • It becomes Harsher in Hindsight when you find out that Beecher is innocent and he dies, but Fusco telling Beecher to stay away from Carter was rather sweet. Especially given that the man was about a head and a half shorter and about as intimidating as a growling puppy.
  • "In Extremis": Carter risking her career to save Fusco by moving Stills' body despite being horrified at his confession to her about what he did. Not that he knows what she did. Also Finch lending her Bear for the purpose. Either he knew why she wanted him or trusted her enough to lend him, no questions asked.
  • "God Mode": the normally non-empathetic Shaw picking up on Reese's reaction to finding the photo of Jessica in the wall safe.
  • Also in the same episode, after Root has seen her grand plan explode before her very eyes and is consigned to a mental asylum, she gets a phone call....from the machine in a twisted version of Throw the Dog a Bone.

    Season 3 
  • "Liberty": The Heart To Heart Reese has with the POI, giving him some friendly advice as he's gotten an offer to join the SEALS despite wanting to leave the Navy and settle down.
    • Throughout the episode, Reese, Harold and Fusco are checking up on the recently demoted Carter to see if she's ok. Reese even complimented her on the uniform.
      Reese: "For what it's worth, you're looking kind of badass in that uniform."
  • "Lady Killer": Shaw, Zoe and Carter bond while going clubbing.
  • "Razgovor": Gen gives Shaw her grandfather's Order of Lenin to keep on her behalf. While she knows Shaw has APD, she still connects with the older woman on some level, judging from the rather amusingly awkward hug and send-off Shaw gives Gen.
    • The farewell between Gen and Shaw. For the first time, the former ISA assassin empathizes with someone other than her current Morality Pet and Gen gently informs Shaw she's not a cold hearted monster.
      Gen: "You feel things – but the volume is turned way down."
    • And Finch sponsoring Gen's relocation to a private school and being willing to act as her guardian. It would not be surprising at all if Gen moonlights for Team Machine in another decade.
    • Also, even after all her recalcitrant refusals to follow Finch's suggestions and orders throughout the episode, Finch still wants Shaw on Team Machine - because Shaw finally understands their cause.
    Shaw: Am I fired?
    Finch: On the contrary, Miss Shaw. I think you finally got the job.
    • A quick miss but Finch states to Shaw to go to a doctor that owes them a favor. It's Dr. Farouk Madani from "Super" which means he was able to become a doctor thanks to the money Finch gave him to save Reese.
  • "Mors Praematura":
    • Root is helping Jason escape a Vigilance hit team, but Jason is more worried that his brother Tim was in the line of fire.
    Root: Did you see a man heading his way? Tall, nice suit?
    Jason: Yeah?
    Root: He'll be fine.
    • Tim and Jason's thirty second phone call at the end of the episode.
    • From earlier in the episode:
    Reese: Are you sure you don't need my help on this?
    Finch: No, Mr. Reese, tracking Miss Shaw is your top priority.
    Reese: Alright. But Finch... I'm here if you need me.
    • Later in the episode, Reese does indeed appear to save Finch and the PoI Just in Time from being burned alive. Finch's joyous exclamation of "Mr. Reese!" just sells it.
  • "The Perfect Mark"
    • Reese and Carter exchanging a fist bump after agreeing how to work the case.
    • After only a few episodes, Laskey goes from antagonist HR mole to someone willing to keep Carter alive even if he has to die to do so.
    • Carter successfully appeals to the dying, morally bankrupt Detective Terney to "be a cop one last time" and successfully acquire the HR leader's true identity.
  • "Endgame"
    • Carter tells Fusco he was the best partner she ever had.
    • The reason why Carter has initiated her plan to destroy HR with minimal support from Team Machine. In the event of faliure, she doesn't want John and Harold to be compromised and all the good work they've done over the course of the show to go to waste in a huge contrast to her opinion of them in Season 1.
    • Even though it nearly leads to her death when she's trying to arrest the head of HR legally, Carter's "World of Cardboard" Speech is this. She wants to give the law a chance to work but knowing it's probably not going to succeed due to Quinn corrupting the system, in the end she decides to do what's right and have Reese drag Quinn out the hard way.
  • "The Crossing"
    • Reese and Carter sharing their secrets and fears.
    • Reese's It Has Been an Honor speech to Carter. He tells her he was nearly tempted to blow his brains out back in Season 1 after he lost Jessica but meeting her for the first time gave him hope.
    “A fight with punks on a subway. A cop detained me… and brought me to you. You changed my mind, Joss… You changed me”
    • It's easy to miss because it's all conveyed by tone and facial expression but when Shaw tells Fusco that her saving his son means that she can't save him you can tell that she genuinely regrets not being able to do both and that Fusco wouldn't have wanted her to make any other choice.
    • Shaw goes and checks up on Fusco and his son during a hockey game and surprises the former in his car. Fusco gives her his sincere thanks for saving his son from being murdered, showing how their antagonistic relationship is slowly changing for the better.
    • Finch bringing Root breakfast in her Faraday cage at 4:00 in the morning because he's leaving to help Reese and doesn't know when (or if) he'll be back. His friends' lives are in jeopardy and he's got so much on his plate, but he still takes the time to make sure Root gets fed.
  • "The Devil's Share"
    • As John lies wounded in a makeshift hospital bed, Bear sits by his side with his head on his master's lap.
    • Fusco's speech about Carter to Simmons. Also a massive Tear Jerker.
    Fusco: That’s just it, I could have been just like you. A bottom feeder who turns on his own kind. For what? Money? Power? I got lucky. I had a partner. She was good for me for a lot of reasons. She reminded me that I could be good again too. I could be a good father, friend, a good cop! I’m not gonna let you undo all the good she did. Carter saved my life. She saved me from myself because she believed in me. I’m not gonna throw all that away on piece of crap like you. Patrick Simmons... you're under arrest.
    • Also, Fusco is finally free of his dirty cop past by arresting the man, has finally won his redemption, is free from HR and is finally in a position to return to being a non-corrupt NYPD detective which he began to love back in Season 1 but was callously put on hold by John. Things are looking up for Lionel.
    • Elias and his bodyguard go and visit Officer Simmons. Despite their antagonism, Carter was one of the few people to truly win the man's respect. After spelling out how far Simmons made him angry, and noting that while Team Machine is hamstrung by their moral thresholds, Elias isn't, he then has Scarface strangle the man to death. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome and an epic case of Kick the Son of a Bitch.
    Elias: "I don't think she liked me, but I liked her very much. You killed her. So now I consider it my responsibility to fix the particular problem that is you, Officer Simmons."
  • "Aletheia"
    • Finch and Claypool remembering their past hijinks and sharing their fears and achievements over the surveillance programs each one wrote. Some of them double as moments of funny.
    • The Machine's gift for Arthur.
    • Shaw searched for Root after she was taken by Hersh and Control.
      Root (over the phone, to Finch) "Tell Shaw I was touched she came to look for me."

  • "4C"
    • Reese and Finch making amends at the end.
    • Hersh asking Shaw how her new employer is treating her. Despite having tried to kill her in the previous season, he honestly cares.
    • Reese holds up his mobile so Finch can hear the passengers applauding his safe landing.
    • Owen thanking Reese at the end of the episode. While he acts like a stereotypical Ungrateful Bastard for most of the episode, after he's safe, he honestly thanks John.
  • "Provenance"
    • Jiao being reunited with her daughter.
    • Reese doing the "absent friends" toast to Joss Carter.
    • Agent Bouchard's conversation with Kelli Lin at the end of the episode, after she's been arrested
      Bouchard: Unfortunately, since you are a legal US citizen, I can't do what I really want and extradite you back to Europe. And there is so much I have you on. 40 counts of art and antiquities theft, and illicit trafficking in 20 countries. I could put you away for a lifetime on half the continents in the world, regardless of the duress you were under at the time. I'm a hero with Interpol now. I recovered the Bible and took down a cell of Czech extortionists in Prague. Don't know how I did that, but I'll take credit. I couldn't do anything wrong now if I tried... I always thought it was a shame.
      Kelli: My life of crime?
      Bouchard: No. Your life before that. I always thought you deserved the gold.
      • Then he leaves the key to her interrogation cell on the table in front of her.
  • "Last Call"
    • At the end of the episode, Finch meets Sharon at a park and notes that the one thing 911 call operators rarely get is closure regarding the calls they receive. Then he points out two people in the park - the boy they had both been trying to save that episode playing with his mother.
    • It's a small thing but at the start of the episode people are talking to Fusco and other detectives are asking him for advice. Fusco went through a lot of shit, but it worked out in the end. It's later revealed in "Beta" that he's even been promoted to Lieutenant due to the successful demise of HR, further showing that the Dirty Cop Butt-Monkey of the previous two Seasons has finally disappeared.
  • "RAM"
    • Reese helping the PoI fake his death, and give him a way out, even though he was ordered to kill him. And then the viewer realises that this is when Finch chose Reese to be his partner.
      Reese: I've looked in the eyes of traitors. You don't have that look. You look like a man who's trapped.
  • "/"
    • The reason the villains win? Because the Machine refused to sacrifice a random washed-up executive turned janitor for its own sake. The plan would have been over before Decima got within a hundred yards of him if the Machine had just ordered Root to shoot him. But it absolutely refused to, even when Root realized what his role was and begged to just be allowed to leave him behind for more important matters.
    • Shaw giving Root medical instructions for her wounds, despite knowing full well that the Machine can give her better info than she ever could.
  • "Allegiance"
    • Maria and her boyfriend reuniting.
    • Shaw and Fusco bonding, with her sharing some of her history - her parents' first date was at this fancy hotel they're sitting at - and Fusco buying her a glass of Champagne, because it's the Persian New Year.
    Fusco: That's the great thing about New York. You don't need to go anywhere. They all come here. Happy New Year, Sameen."
  • "Most Likely To..."
    • It's small, but it shows how Shaw has warmed up to Reese, even though there is vitriolic camaraderie between them. This is visible when Shaw assists Reese after an old POI was blown up by Vigilance.
  • "Beta"
    • Greer rather disdainfully implies that Grace didn't know "Harold Martin" as well as she thought she did. Harold's sweet former fiance promptly yells at the head of Decima.
    Grace: Here’s all you need to know about me, old man. My Dad was an alcoholic. Nearly tore the family to pieces. But the thing about growing up that way… you get good at spotting lies. So good that you start expecting them from everyone. So how do I know what Harold told me was true? Because when he came along… against every instinct… I gave him my trust. Somehow I knew he would never break it. And if you doubt that even for a second, you’re the one who’s lying to himself.
  • "Deus ex Machina"
    • Control, the over-zealous Noble Demon Well-Intentioned Extremist bureaucrat revealing that during 9/11, after surviving the plane which hit the Pentagon, she immediately went to help with the first response efforts.
    • Shaw getting close to emotional when she realizes that Root is heading into danger and immediately rushing to her side to help. It's the first time we see just how deeply Shaw cares for Root - not that she would admit it.
    • Despite the fact that Decima was able to destroy Team Machine by forcing Reese, Finch, Shaw and Root to split up so that they can't be detected by the company with help from Samaritan, Root informs Finch that the machine wants to tell him that there is still hope despite the tragedy of the bombing attack conducted by Decima.
    • Reese patches up Finch's gunshot wound and you can tell that they are really thankful for each other.

    Season 4 
  • "Panopticon" :
    • "Every life matters. You taught me that".
    • Near the end of the episode, Reese becomes Lionel's new partner and takes over Carter's desk. Both of them stop talking for a moment and look at the desk, showing that despite the new challenges Team Machine will be facing, they still haven't forgotten about her.
    • Also, reading Bear's twitter shows he's estatic that Reese is back.
  • "Nautilus":
    • Shaw's genuinely happy smile and countenance as she realizes Team Machine is back in business. For a woman who normally has a flat demeanor due to her high functioning APD, this is something rare to see.
    • Finch's explanation of why he came back:
    "I couldn't stand by and watch my friends risk themselves doing the work I started."
  • "Wingman":
    • Fusco is more than a little irritated at Reese's Cowboy Cop antics (shooting a perp in the leg to cut a chase short rather than just waiting for backup that was already on the way) and points out that it may just be a cover for Reese, but it's Fusco's real job and real life. Reese listens.
    Reese: Okay. I hear you.
    Fusco: [rolls his eyes] Yeah.
  • "Prophets":
    • Finch's conversation with Root at the hotel, in which he indicates that he's finally accepted her as a full member of Team Machine.
    • Despite their storyline wrapping up in Season 2, seeing Nathan and Harold in a flashback is always heartwarming since Brett Cullen and Michael Emerson really sell the bond the two characters share.
    • The ending.
    Finch [to the Machine]: It's time we had a talk, you and I.
  • "Pretenders":
    • Bear misses Finch so much he refuses to eat. A very worried Shaw tells Finch, who ends up coaxing the dog to eat his food over the phone. The fact that Shaw, the usually deadpan emotionless member of the team breaks down in worry over this really makes this work.
      • It also doubles as a bit of a moment of funny when you hear Finch:
    Finch: Who's a good boy? You are, Bear. Now, eat your breakfast. Eet je ontbijt. Okay?
  • "Honor Among Thieves":
    • Devin, one of the agents from the Relevant side, lets Shaw and the PoI go as soon as he recognizes her, even though she's got vials of an extremely deadly virus in hand, and tries to cover for her by deleting security footage. Even though he had previously expressed doubts about "Research 2.0" and the fact that his new orders were to recover the virus instead of destroying it, that is still a tremendous amount of trust to place in a former government assassin with a self-admitted personality disorder, now operating completely off the grid. Not to mention risking his life and career if Samaritan decides to have the assets it commands make an example of him, making it an incredibly brave move on Delvin's part to try to buy his old trainer some time.
    • After an entire episode of Root being openly jealous of Shaw's crush on the POI, Shaw turns down the offer from him to go overseas and instead chooses to stick around for certain death because she tells Root she has "things I care about" in New York.
  • "Point of Origin":
    • John tells their new number how much she reminds him of Carter.
  • "The Devil You Know":
    • In stark contrast to Quinn (who sold out Simmons to avoid being tortured to death by Reese), Greer (who encourages his employees to off themselves when he isn't around to shoot them himself), Reese and Shaw's former employers (who have half their operatives killed), and Dominic (who appears to have adopted the We Have Reserves philosophy)... Elias turns himself over to Dominic with only the slightest chance he'd let Anthony go free.
      • He also goes out of his way to get Reese out safely and apologises for the deception.
    • Root loses her temper when Shaw claims she's not scared of the operatives after her, telling her that maybe she should be because other people are - the people who care for her - and she should think about that next time.
    • Shaw begs, cajoles, flirts, and tries everything else she can think of to persuade Root to help her get to John because she's so desperate to help him, even though she knows how much of a risk her being out in the open is. Root has to sedate her to keep her out of the fight, and clearly finds it difficult even though she knows it's necessary to keep Shaw safe.
  • "The Cold War":
    • Despite what happened in the last episode, Shaw was willing to keep her temper in check and only left the Subway Station at the end of the episode when things started to go to hell in a handcart.
    • The Machine and Samaritan have a meeting. Samaritan immediately proves itself to be a terrifying combination of A.I. Is a Crapshoot, A God Am I and Zeroth Law Rebellion.]] [[Benevolent A.I. The Machine, on the other hand, clearly takes Harold's teachings to heart.
    Samaritan: Will you give your life to save your human agents?
    The Machine/Root: My human agents share my beliefs. That this world belongs to them.
    • Root is going to negotiate with Samaritan. Shaw is determined to help her but it's not safe. Considering Root's relationship with both Harold and Shaw at the start of the series, this conversation is definitely heartwarming.
    Harold: I won't pretend I'm not concerned, but Miss Groves believes that the Machine will protect her.
    Shaw: But you don't believe that, do you Harold?
    Harold: I never imagined we would get this far. Not once Samaritan became active. And yet... here we are.
    Shaw: Yeah. Here we are. Hiding, underground, in an abandoned subway while one of our own walks into certain death. Alone.
    Harold: *quietly* There is one thing of which I am most certain. Root is not alone.
    • Before she leaves, Shaw promises Bear that she'll be back.
  • "If-Then-Else":
    • Shaw's hostage negotiation with a man who has a suicide bomb on a crowded train. After two failed simulations, she listens to Fusco's idea of trying to convince the man he is not alone by talking with his other victims, the average people who like him suffered because of the financial crash. The people on the train, sans the jerkass banker right next to Gary who advocates Shaw just kill him in every simulation, do come to Gary's emotional support, despite his current actions.
      Shaw: See, Gary? Life is crap. Welcome to the human race. But the good news is? You're not alone.
    • In simulation number 2 Reese shoves Fusco into a room and locks the door, saving him from getting shot when Lambert enters and protecting him from the blast of the grenade that Reese sets off to slaughter the Decima team.
    • The Machine being so utterly determined to rescue the entire team, rather than let any of them die. She almost succeeds, too.
    • The Machine's primary objective is to save its assets, and preventing global market collapse is only a secondary objective.
    • The scenes where Finch teaches the Machine how to play chess. He gently encourages it, praises it for doing well, and then gives it an important piece of advice. The Machine revisits those memories when planning their escape.
    Harold: But if you remember nothing else, please remember this. Chess is just a game. Real people aren't pieces. You can't assign more value to some of them than others. Not to me. Not to anyone. People are not a thing you can sacrifice. The lesson is, if anyone looks on the world as though it were a game of chess, they deserve to lose.
    • Reese takes a bullet for Finch and still takes time to reassure him that he's okay. While looking like he's about to pass out.
    • Staring down an entire Samaritan kill team in the second simulation, Root takes the opportunity to call Shaw and gently flirt and tease her about considering a relationship "someday", telling her they're perfect for each other, and giving Shaw no clue that she knows it's the last conversation they'll ever have. Martine lets her finish the conversation before killing her.
    • In reality, when Shaw knows she's about to die saving the others, she kisses Root goodbye. The normally uncaring Root is devastated, and the Machine itself is nearly as bad. Just goes to show how much both of them care about Shaw.
    • While subtle, the episode also shows Fusco’s Character Development. In Season 1, he couldn’t stand Reese and was portrayed as an incompetent Butt-Monkey. Not only is he actually a decent shot in this episode, he tries to stop Reese’s simulated Heroic Sacrifice.
  • "Control-Alt-Delete":
    • A small one, but after the shootout, an injured Reese is leaning on Root for support. He also makes sure she's alright in the middle of a gunfight. This is quite the step up from their initial mutual hostilities.
    • Grice and Reese are beating the crap out of each other. The fight ends abruptly when Grice realises that they;re trying to help Shaw and Reese realises that Grice is the man who let Shaw go free in "Honor Among Thieves".
  • "M.I.A.":
    • Fusco and Silva's budding friendship.
    Fusco: You're a real terror. You remind me of a friend. A couple of friends actually.
  • "Guilty":
    • Zoe and Reese chatting about romance. Zoe clearly has Reese's number.
    • Finch talking the number out of suicide, when she's only doing it because Harold's life is at risk.
    • At the end Fusco states that he understands that the reason that the others on the team are isolating him from their work is to keep him from ending up like Shaw, but he's not going to walk away.
    Fusco: Look, I get it. After what happened to Shaw, you and Glasses are worried the same thing's gonna happen to me. And you know what? It might. And I'm fine with that. You don't get to decide what or who I'm willing to die for. I made my choice a long time ago. So stop shutting me out.
  • "Q&A":
    • The simple fact that one of the weapons used by Root in this episode happens to be a Heckler and Koch USP Compact, the sidearm of choice for Sameen Shaw. It's a small tribute and shows that even after going through a bad time, Root isn't willing to forget about her.
  • "Blunt":
    • Caleb Phipps started his own successful company and has the digits of pi framed in his board room. He clearly hasn't forgotten Harold.
    • Root brings Harold tea from Sri Lanka.
  • "Skip":
    • She may think he's a Manipulative Bastard who destroyed her career, but Harold Finch was willing to down a vial of neurotoxin to save Beth Bridges, even if she doesn't know it.
    • Harold and Root's relationship may have suffered a blow but it's clear that they care enormously about each other at the end of the episode.
    • While it will probably end extraordinarily badly given his track record, John Reese gets a girlfriend without everything immediately going to hell in a hand basket.
  • "Terra Incognita":
    • Carter kept the photograph of Reese and Jessica in an envelope with the clear intention of giving to him when he was ready.
  • "Asylum":
    • Shaw calls Root and asks for help before getting cut off. Root is determined to go even though she knows it's a trap.
    • The Wham Line, after Samaritan's Sadistic Choice.
    The Machine:]] You are wrong, Harold. You are not interchangeable. I failed to save Sameen. I will not fail you now.
    • Reese acknowledges Lionel as a good friend.
    • Reese and Fusco refusing to betray Finch under torture was not particularly surprising but it was still heartwarming. Even Elias refuses to betray Finch, despite the Fingore he was subjected to, and even calls him a friend.
    • Finch and Root were both enormously protective of each other throughout the episode. Finch refuses to leave Root behind in the asylum and freaks out while she and the Machine are playing chicken. Root snaps Martine's neck because she touched Finch and begs Greer not to make Finch watch them remove her implant because she knows how upset he gets around violence.
    • Martine tells Root that Shaw held out for two months before giving breaking under their brain-washing.
  • "YHWH":
    • Harold and the Machine's conversation. Also a massive tearjerker... but she calls him father and he tells her that he won't let her die.
      • He then almost gets electrocuted while saving her from Samaritan.
    • Harold being utterly overjoyed every time he sees that Reese is okay and, for the first time in four seasons Reese isn't acting like a Death Seeker.
    • Caleb hands over his multibillion dollar algorithm to Harold, mid explanation. No questions asked. Harold tells him how proud of him he is.

    Season 5 

  • "B.S.O.D.":
    • Root and Reese have never been friends. But Reese goes back to save Root from a small army.
      • And instead of running like Reese tells her to, Root stays and helps Reese stop the bad guys.
    Root: I knew you had a soft spot for me.
    • Harold referring to the Machine as "her" rather than "it."
    • Root telling a former client that she needed a change. "Got a new job. Fell in love."
    • Root telling Harold that the reason she's so comfortable with the Machine is because "She's a reflection of you."
  • "SNAFU":
    • Harold still has the files for all of the Numbers that Team Machine, and uses them to help the Machine re-orient itself in time. It all culminates in the Machine scrolling through a list of past numbers they've saved and playing snippets of the people saying how much they owe Team Machine, before it re-designates Finch, Root, and Reese as assets, rather than threats.
    • Team Machine go on a picnic. They're all genuinely happy for the first time since the ending of "The Crossing".
  • "6,741":
    • When all is said and done, a brainwashed Shaw loves Root too much and dies for the person she loves by killing herself.
    • The simple fact that Shaw has resisted Samaritan's mind trick and successfully foiled it from finding out where Root, John and Harold are hiding or that Lionel Fusco is now a member of Team Machine.
  • "ShotSeeker":
    Fusco: [after being told to sit tight by Finch] No way, Glasses. I don't think so. My partner's missing. He's NYPD. [raises his voice to talk to a room full of cops] Everybody listen up! I am Detective Lionel Fusco from the Homicide Task Force. My partner, John Riley, disappeared from this location twenty-two minutes ago in pursuit of the pissant who killed this woman. One of ours is missing, guys, and we're going to get him back.
    • He also rips into Finch for keeping him in the dark about Samaritan and insisting that they don't know what they're up against.
    Fusco: See that's the thing, Mr. Wizard, I think you know exactly what we're up against. But you flat-out refuse to tell me.
    Finch: Detective Fusco, I assure you-
    Fusco: Don't tell me you haven't noticed that homicides are down, but suicides are up, and so are missing persons. There are people missing all over this town. I am not letting this one lie. Not this time.
    • Reese tells Moran in no uncertain terms what will happen to him if he threatens Fusco again.
    Reese: I'll kill you myself if you ever go near Fusco again.
    • Reese thanking Fusco for his help.
    Reese: You stuck your neck out for me and we really appreciate it. Thank you, from all of us.
  • "QSO":
    • Root talks to Fusco in the hospital, giving him a package with an "exit strategy" so if Samaritan comes for him, he and his son can disappear. She pauses and snags one of the packets of jello off the tray, initially seeming like it's another bizarre request from the Machine. Turns out she's giving it to Reese, who's been sitting outside the room for hours. Finch is nearby as well, watching over Fusco.
    • Root calls Reese for some info on a lead, and upon hearing that she's looking for Shaw, Reese immediately asks how he can help. And asks Root to be careful.
    • With the Machine's help, Root gets a message ("4 alarm fire") to Shaw, just in time to stop her from killing herself (for real).
  • "Sotto Voce":
    • Root's utter joy at Shaw's return. The simulations Shaw was put through showed Root as warm and flirty, but the real Root is practically crying in joy at seeing Shaw alive.
    • When Shaw details how she's killed herself in every simulation to prevent from hurting Root, she puts a gun to her head, saying she'll do it right now. Root responds by pointing a gun to her own head, telling Shaw that she'd rather die than live without her. It manages to make Shaw panic long enough for her to snap out of it.
    • After he takes a bullet for Reese, Fusco is finally brought into the secret of the Machine to join the team fully.
    • Seeing the gang united on a bridge, Shaw finally realizes this is no simulation and rejoins them.
  • "The Day the World Went Away":
    • Shaw and Root's conversation minutes before Samaritan assets begin their attack on the Team Machine safe house.
    • After Root dies, the Machine takes her voice, allowing at least some part of her analog interface to live on through her.
    • Root's final fate, a testament to how she's grown as a character. Spotting a man with a rifle aiming at Finch, she does not hesitate and makes the split second decision to move into the path of the bullet, sacrificing her life for a man who had once loathed her when they first met.
    • Elias being willing to go to bat once last time for Finch against the army of Samaritan assets closing in on them. He doesn't hesitate in shooting his way through a numerically superior force and tries to get Harold to safety, simply because he doesn't want to see any harm come to one of the last friends he has left alive.
    • Reese encounters the dead body of Elias, and closes its eyes in respect.
  • "Synecdoche":
    • Fusco, the person who least understood her, is the one who gives the closet thing to a eulogy for Root at her burial.
    Fusco: I really admired her. Don't get me wrong, she was crazy as a clown, but she had conviction. She gave this fight everything she had.
    • Our Team Machine isn't the only one out there, and the one they meet in this episode is three former numbers: Joey Durban, Logan Pierce, and Harper Rose.
    • Reese may be shockingly bad at dealing with his own grief, but he did really well with Shaw. Giving her the space she needed, and looking out for her without pushing.
  • "Return 0":
    • Finch talking about his long-deceased father: the only reason he studied ornithology was because his infant son loved watching birds, so he learned about them so he'd have something to talk about with Harold as he grew up.
    • As they're led by dirty cops to being shot and dumped in the river, Reese says he's sorry to get Fusco into this. Fusco replies that without Reese, he'd have never become "a better man."
    • John's smile while ensuring Finch gets a happy ending and finding peace in his last moments, having come to terms with his own demons and realizing that his pain and suffering were ultimately in service of a good and noble cause.
      • Machine/Root putting her hand on Reese's shoulder was assuring in an illusionary way: while Reese would not live to see the world after Samaritan's destruction, his actions would not be forgotten, especially not by the Machine.
    • Finch gets what he's always wanted but never thought would happen: reunited with Grace, who is overjoyed to see him.
    • Shaw's last interaction with Fusco at the end. She tells him "I'll see you when I see you", the same thing she said to her late friend Michael Cole. For how odd her friendship with Fusco is, it's genuinely just that: a friendship.
    • Shaw's ending. Alive and with Bear, she receives a new number from the Machine. Finally with a purpose, she walks off, with a truly happy grin on her face.
    • Once again, we hear the final message from the Machine, but this time in its full form, and in the proper context. It isn't a message of hopelessness or a desperate plea to be heard by whatever last small remnants of resistance might be left in the end. Instead, it's a message of hope and inspiration for her successor, encouraging them to pick up where she left off.

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