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  • Tennessee by Hans Zimmer, the film's main theme. It even becomes this when it's played during the love scene between Danny & Evelyn.
  • During the climax, Danny is mortally wounded, and Rafe tries to save him. Rafe tearfully tells Danny he is going to be okay because he's "Going to be a daddy". Danny's last words " are"
  • The relationship between Dorie Miller and Captain Mervyn S. Bennion. Right before the attack, Bennion tells Miller, a lowly ship's cook (specifically the Captain's Steward, part of the ship's Galley Division) , that the crew is proud of him for never giving up during a fight. As the attack happens, Miller runs to his Battle Station (at the Captain's side to act as his Runnernote ) and finds the Captain mortally wounded belowdecks, having been unable to reach the bridge before being caught in the first bomb hit. Even as he's dying, Bennion keeps giving orders for air cover, damage control, for his XO to assume command, and is assured by Miller that "everyone is where they need to be, Sir. You trained us well!"
    • This scene is actually 100% historically accurate, almost the only part of the whole movie that can make that claim, except for Roosevelt's December 8 speech (which cuts out most of the actual speech) and his Cabinet meeting (which really took place but certainly didn't include Dan Aykroyd's fictional character in attendance).
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    • It should also be mentioned that Captain Mervyn S. Bennion was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Pearl Harbor attack.
  • The torpedo that reads "This Is For Betty," which heavily implies that Red wrote that to avenge his late fiancée, who was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor while trying to get to the hospital to take care of the wounded soldiers.

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