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  • The theme song ends on the extreme sweet scene of the pups dogpiling Ryder and Chase (who many fans believe is especially close to the team leader) giving him an affectionate cheek lick.
  • Marshall bonds with a goose chick (which he names "Fuzzy") that follows him around, and even sleeps out next to the geese's makeshift nest with the little guy perched atop his head. And when Fuzzy runs off before his flock are ready to migrate out, Marshall does everything he can to find the little guy-up to saving him from a seagull that attacked Fuzzy for his bread. And when he does, Marshall even faces his fear of flying when he, aided by Skye, encourages Fuzzy to fly with its flock by flying himself. Also counts as an Awesome Moment in its own right.
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  • Despite Chase's attempts at appearing professional, there are occasions where he might laugh or bark when he starts his sliding animation, but will then quickly assume a silent, professional stance, as he usually does. Really, it's just nice to see those times where he drops the professional appearance and barks/howls excitedly down the slide.
  • Another Marshall moment occurs in the episode where he's training to win the local firepup competition. He makes good time, but stops when a fire starts on a lifeguard's chair to put it out, recalling his duty even as it costs him time. His friends nevertheless cheer him on, and he wins the award anyway for proving that he never forgot what's really important.
  • The Paw Patrol put their efforts into saving an owlet's mother after she got trapped in a dislodged tree that threatened to fall over a cliff, showing they will help anyone they can. And similar to Marshall and the goose chick, Chase's connection with the owlet is quite touching.
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  • When Alex is afraid of going to the dentist, Ryder and the Paw Patrol come together and, aside from Zuma who seemed to be there for moral support, face their own fears. (Among said fears include Rubble having a spider balanced over his nose, Marshall being suspended in the air, and Rocky letting himself be soaked by Marshall's water cannons.) Ultimately, they all subjected themselves to their own fears to show Alex that he could overcome his own. And to make this even sweeter, Chase had a parallel fear of the dentist due to one of his teeth being loose. Nevertheless, Chase accompanies Alex to see the dentist, and they overcome their fear together.
  • Rocky putting aside his dislike of water to help Katie win the Pup-Tacular. And the look on his face when she hugs him is pure gold.
  • Everest demonstrates how much of a big heart she has in her debut episode when she rescues Jake from falling. She immediately offers him shelter in her igloo, guides him through the storm, and digs a makeshift shelter for the two when the storm worsens. The two develop a cute friendship, which reaches its peak in the climax at the breaking ice bridge. When the tether pulling them to safety breaks, Jake immediately throws Everest onto solid ground, risking the possibility falling to his death in the process. Nevertheless, Everest immediately comes back and rescues him a second time, cementing their friendship once and for all.
    • Everest was just happy to have Jake around for company, as the local penguins weren't exactly someone she could talk to. The aforementioned ice bridge incident resulted in Everest being unable to return to the igloo she called home for so long. Jake and Ryder, however, offer Everest a chance to become a member of the PAW Patrol, which she eagerly accepts. Now, she not only has a new home and a chance to help others, but more new friends, as well.
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    • Even better, her next appearance in "Pups and the Big Freeze" shows her in a PAW Patrol house of her own, living right next to Jake's place.
  • The conflict of "Pups Save a Friend" is set into motion when Marshall overhears the other pups and thinks their comments about the villain of Apollo the Super Pup being a total goof are about him. Although he runs away, Marshall still lets Ryder know that he's alright. Nevertheless, the pups immediately rush out to get their friend back and cheer him up. And when a family of rabbits get trapped by a lightning-struck tree, Marshall immediately tries to help, and calls for the others when he can't. They manage to save the rabbits, and the pups make sure that Marshall knows he's their friend and someone they want around.
    • An earlier scene pretty much cements this. Chase, Rocky, Rubble, and Zuma reach the elevator and brace for the expected crash. When Marshall doesn't appear and cause a mess as usual, they openly talk about how the elevator feels "empty" without Marshall and begin to whine, despite the usual annoyance they feel when Marshall crashes into them. Those are some true friends, right there.
  • In "Pups Save Walinda," Wally is revealed to have a girlfriend, and by the end of the episode, they have a walrus pup together. Wally tends to Walinda's every need while she's pregnant, even giving her food over himself. And once the pup is born, he helps it catch a fish treat, showing that he has the makings of a great dad.
    • In the same episode, Cap'n Turbot holding a "Walrus Appreciation Day" party for Wally shows just how much he cares for his flippered friend. And when he finds out about Walinda, he welcomes her with open arms.
  • "Pups Save Friendship Day" has the song The Best of Friends, a wonderful number about the joys of friendship, with even Mayor Humdinger getting into the spirit.
  • In the flashback episode about Rubble joining the team, it's clear that the pups already on the PAW Patrol adore the young bulldog, even expressing sorrow at the idea of saying goodbye when Ryder finds him a home and reacting with utter delight when informed Rubble is joining the Patrol.
  • In "Pups Get Skunked!", Everest, knowing how much Marshall dislikes skunks, volunteers herself for the mission to remove one from Mr. Porter's store, even giving the grateful dalmatian a friendly wink.
    • The skunk (given the name "Bayberry") kissing both Everest and Marshall on the cheek as thanks for removing the thorns from her paws. She doesn't even spray Marshall for accidentally sneezing on her.
  • "The Pups' Winter Wonder Show" has all the PAW Patrol pups do their best to ensure their newest member, Tracker, has fun during his first time in the snow. And aside from a couple hangups with getting stuck in the snow, Tracker has a great time with his friends. Even sweeter, he joins them in their performance and comes up with just the perfect final lyric.
  • "Pups Save A High-Flying Skye" has half the town pitching in to help Skye land her helicopter after a blackout causes Adventure Bay to lose its lights, emphasising the sense of community in the town and how much they care for each other.
  • In "Pups and the Werepuppy", Rocky (turned into the titular werepuppy) runs away because he doesn't want to scare his friends. When they finally catch up with him... they're not scared at all, because, werepuppy or not, he's still their friend Rocky.
  • In "Mighty Pups", The Humdingers managed to kidnap Ryder and imprison him in his own garage. The pups are soon on the run to prevent themselves from being captured, but when Chase gained confidence, the Pups began to plan and fight back against the Humdingers, determined to stop them and save Ryder no matter what. When Harold Humdinger's robot accidentally causes the Lookout to go into space, the pups follow and remove the meteor from the robot, causing it and the Lookout to fall back down to Earth. The pups prevented the Lookout from crashing to the ground and the pups, worried for Ryder's safety, start calling him, and Ryder emerged safe and unharmed. Chase then rushes to him, followed by the other pups. Marshall immediately informs Ryder what a great leader Chase was and Ryder petted him for saving his life and later: The crowd cheered for the seven Mighty Pups after they'd accomplished their most daring rescue ever.
  • In "Jet to the Rescue", Sweetie, of all pups, actually comes to help the Paw Patrol stop the evil Duke of Flappington the moment she hears her princess cry for help. She is given a new golden tiara for her loyalty at the end while Skye is dubbed a Knight for her heroic performance. The special ends with the Paw Patrol, and Sweetie, performing an air show, skywriting a heart and a golden crown, as the Princess's birthday gift.
  • "Pups Save a Bah-Humdinger" has everyone, even the visiting Tracker and Carlos in Adventure Bay celebrating the Christmas Season. And a quick montage shows Santa delivering presents to Sweetie, who instead of snatching it herself, gives it to the princess. Aww.


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