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Heartwarming / Paul Heyman

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  • His real life bond and loyalty towards Brock cannot be overstated.
  • Combined with a Tearjerker on October 22, 2018: After Roman Reigns drops the bombshell that he has leukemia and relinquishes the Universal Championship, Heyman comes out to the ring and solemnly pays tribute to the man's courage and strength of will, saying that it's humbling to have been in the locker room in the presence of such an Iron Woobie. The backstage video shows Paul hugging Joe and assuring him "You Are Not Alone". Knowing that Heyman is quite close to the Anoa'i family in real life and has known Joe since he was a young boy really hits home how personal the entire situation is for Paul Heyman.
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  • On a similar note to the above, Paul giving Becky Lynch a gentle hug and words of encouragement backstage the night after Lynch was injured by Nia Jax.
  • The speech he gave to the locker room before Barely Legal 97, ECW's first PPV,
    Paul: 17 million homes that have availability, tonight, will pay $20 - hopefully *knocks on wood* - for the privilege to see you guys do what you have done for three-and-a-half years. Thank Terry Funk for all he's done for this company: For help putting us on the map! For being unselfish in selfish times! For taking the young guys and showing them a better way! Tonight, we have a chance to say, "Yeah, you're right, we're too extreme; we're too wild; we're too out of control; we're too full of our own shit!" Or we have a chance to say "Hey, Fuck you, you're wrong! Fuck you, we're right!" Because you have all made it to the dance! Because, believe me, THIS IS THE DANCE! *Everybody begins to cheer* NOW, START THE SHOW!


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