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  • Andrew Hussie's message for the launch of the site, which just emphasizes the amount of love and work that has been put into both the story and the culture surrounding it.note 


  • Upon realising that their timeline is doomed, the kids accept it and go off to watch a movie together. Because even though they failed, they can spend their last moments together, playing like normal children.

Critical Miss

  • There's something inherently heartening about seeing Vriska and Eridan - by rights, two of the comic's most notoriously screwed-up characters - interacting in a relatively normal, lighthearted, and fucking hilarious way.

Con Faire

Quality Time

  • John is out shopping with Dad and attempts to get out of it by borrowing Dad's PDA to talk to Dave (with the excuse of looking up nose hair trimmer prices). After learning about Dave's experiences with his own family shopping trips, John decides to earnestly attempt to enjoy the trip, starting with getting his own nose hair trimmer. This gets even more poignant if you've read Homestuck, where Dad died.

Fetch Quest

  • While she's traveling through Dave's land, PM takes the time to stop and help out a crocodile that got its tail crushed by a falling gear. Especially heartwarming if one remembers how obsessed she is with her job and yet she was willing to risk being late to help someone in need.
  • The ending. PM has just trekked through four planets and completed an infuriating Chain of Deals in order to get one nondescript white package. She is feeling completely tired and unappreciated by the time she delivers the package to the White Queen...who opens it and presents it to PM. It holds a new mailbag (in comparison to PM's old, patchy one) marked with a 'Thank you!' sign. The last panel shows PM walking off with it, beaming.

Party Crashers

  • At the end of the comic, the Underlings arrive and crash the Consort's party. It looks like things are about to go to hell, until a Lich... raises its hand and stops them. The next panel shows the Underlings and Consorts partying together rather than fighting. It's nice that the Underlings are shown to be not as bad as they seem here.

Suffering Through/For The People

  • Though we only hear scraps of it, The Sufferer's patient and concise explanations to his audience about how The Condesce is actually a bad ruler to trollkind stand in loving contrast to Karkat's typical Cluster F-Bomb tirades over the unruliness of his team and especially Kankri's incomprehensibly dense lectures whenever he makes himself a SJW soapbox. This is an Only Sane Man preaching to a people so Conditioned to Accept Horror that they forget that their ruler's cult of personality is mandatory on pain of death, where his title as Sufferer initially came from the frustration and seeming-futility of trying to talk them out of this mindset, to the point that even his inner circle completely fail to understand the meaning of his words, and he displays no sarcasm or loss of temper in his sessions.
  • While their initial attempt to aid was inopportune of them, the Disciple's supportive and reassuring comments and the Psionics full-hearted declarations of protection and service to the Sufferer were sincere and indicative of just how close the bond between the initial Sufferists ran.
    The Sufferer: ... Suffering through the people, for the people... I don't sound bitter, do I?
    The Disciple: *hugs him* Bittersweet.
    • The Dolorosa sets a stand-out example of connection with the Sufferer, in that they have an extremely strong and loving mother/son dynamic, with the Sufferer being able to identify her as his parent with no awkwardness (well, none caused by/directed at her) only affection and gratitude, when time and again in Homestuck proper, we see Alternians and Beforans of all walks and after extended contact with humans, being completely unable to grasp the concept of familial bonds.

A Fun Day For Jaspers

  • It's just one page long, but it deserves a mention for the sheer cuteness of little Rose having a therapy session with Jaspers who sits there patiently and is just glad to spend time with her.

The Viceroy and the Lady Grimme

  • "I knew you could do it."

Mother & Grub

  • The Dolorosa deciding that if mindless monsters can take care of grubs, it can't be THAT hard, and proceeding to kill every lusus that tries to steal the Signless-Grub from her.
  • Two trolls come across Signless-Grub and want to sell him to make Troll Resources. The Dolorosa proceeds to go Rainbow Drinker. This somehow leaves the carriage on fire.
  • As she leaves, she muses that she's beginning to think he's more trouble than he's worth. She says this as she's nuzzling him with a smile on her face.

Secret Sufferer

Summerteen Romance

  • Doubling as an awesome moment, Tavros is challenged to a rap-off by AU!Dave. Tavros takes him up on it, and after a panel depicting a staredown, according to Real!Dave, Tavros "lays down some mind-blowing rhymes" note . Tavros proceeds to curbstomp AU!Dave. What sells it is the next panel. Tavros has had Dave's shades and cocky smirk for the last couple of panels, and the final panel of that page has Bro laying his hand on his shoulder rapping alongside him. So this could be seen as Dave projecting himself into the story and reading it as a fond memory with Bro that he never got to have (which is all but confirmed by the last page of the story). Also has an undertone of Tear Jerker.
  • It's nice to see Equius prove himself a good moirail to Nepeta by standing up for her against Bear Noir, even when she only needed him to stand up for her so that she can springboard off him and tear the bear a new one.
    • As stated below, Karkat wrote this. He clearly cares about both Equius and Nepeta. In fact, Karkat even complains about Dave 'ruining Nepeta's entire character arc', which suggests he seriously spent time working on finding a happy ending for Nepeta. It's nice to see him (in his own odd way) caring so deeply about the "AUTISTIC CAT GIRL" who has a crush on him.
  • The penultimate page of the comic is mostly a Tear Jerker, but there is some underlying heartwarming there in that it's clear that Karkat really cares about all of his friends, including those he has no reason to like, and wants nothing more for them than to all get along and be happy.
    • One of the things Karkat wished for his friends? For Terezi and Vriska to have found "some bullshit compromise." He got his wish.
  • Dave reassuring Karkat that it's not disrespectful to want a happier ending for his friends- and adding that his script was worth writing, if only because it made Dave happy.


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