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The 2014 film

  • The Explorer making friends with the bears.
    • Later, when confronted by the Geographers' Guild over his failure to get a 'specimen' of the bears, he defends them as being civilised and intelligent, and doesn't hesitate in refusing when they demand to know the location he found them so they can get one instead.
  • The scenes with Paddington and his aunt and uncle in Peru. The're all just so happy together.
  • Aunt Lucy tries to comfort Paddington when he worries that no one in London will care for him:
    "There was once a war in the explorer's country. Thousands of children were sent away for safety, left at railway stations with labels around their necks, and unknown families took them in and loved them like their own. They will not have forgotten how to treat a stranger."
  • Mrs. Brown is the only person to notice Paddington and offers him first help and then a home. The fact she treats him like on her own children is very heartwarming.
    • A little Fridge moment; when Paddington is sitting in front of the lost and found office, the 'found' part of the sign has gone out. When Mrs. Brown says hello to him, it flickers and blinks on. Paddington's been found...
    • To a much lesser degree, Mr. Brown hints at his hidden heart of gold when, unlike everyone else so far, he at least acknowledges Paddington's existence, even if it is just to rebuff him.
  • Other than the Browns, the first friendly face Paddington sees in London is a kindly gentleman who smiles and raises his glass of wine to Paddington as he and the Browns pass by a café in their taxi. It's Paddington's creator, Michael Bond. In return, Paddington raises his hat.
  • Paddington cleaning Judy's face by licking it. Well it's the thought that counts.
  • Mr. Gruber's scenes where he bonds with Paddington over the fact they both had to leave their native homelands.
  • Judy's apology to Paddington for when she was mean to him earlier.
    • Paddington doesn't hesitate to accept her apology, understanding her fear of looking weird at a new school isn't that much different from his leaving Darkest Peru.
  • Judy and Jonathan giving Paddington a bath.
  • Mr. Brown taking Paddington to the Geographer's Guild and even getting involved in Paddington's zany scheme to break in.
  • The guard at Buckingham Palace letting Paddington stand next to him in the rain, and even sharing a sandwich and tea with him.
  • Mrs. Bird putting her foot down and telling Mr. Brown that the family needs Paddington every bit as much as he needs them.
  • Mr. Curry, despite being a grump who doesn't like Paddington, hates the idea of Paddington being hurt and calls the Browns to help save the little bear's life.
  • The entire family breaking into the museum to rescue Paddington.
  • Mrs. Brown putting herself in front of Paddington to save him from Milicent.
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  • Mr. Brown's loud proclamation that Paddington is family because they love him.
  • Paddington is willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect the Browns.
  • Paddington and the Browns making marmalade together just like he did with his aunt and uncle.
  • The snowball fight at the end.
  • Mrs. Brown finding inspiration for the hero of her adventure story after seeing how far her stuffy husband is willing to go for his family, complete with a shot of her unfinished illustration being filled in with Mr. Brown's face.


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