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Heartwarming / Pacific Rim: Uprising

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  • From what little information there was, everyone assumed Mako and Jake did not get along well, possibly out of Jake being jealous of Mako. It turns out that if they never did get along then at the very least it is in the past, even to the point that Mako has helped get Jake out of smaller infractions before.
    • Jake agreeing to go back into Gypsy Avenger to support Mako, despite him outright telling her that he doesn't really want to be at the Shatterdome or in Jaeger again
    • Cross-over with Tear Jerker, but during the rematch against Obsidian Fury, one could clearly see that sheer fury Jake has for the rogue Jaeger
  • Jake and Nate's relationship in general. While the two certainly have a ton of friction at first after being reunited, it's quickly made clear that they still retain a sense of friendship and care about each other. When Nate goes to talk to Jake on his first day back, he lets Jake get him a drink and tries to take a slightly gentler approach to make him take his new instructor job seriously. It's telling that, despite their time apart and differences, when they suit up in Gipsy Avenger they're still mostly drift compatible and by the end of the film they've gotten their friendship back on track.
  • The relationship between Jake and Amara. They start out beleaguered after Amara steals Jake's targeted power core before him, and Jake chasing her back to her hideout leads to both of them getting arrested by the PPDC. But when Jake is recruited back into the PPDC, he takes Amara with him and let her join up as a new cadet. When Amara is traumatized by her childhood memories when training how to drift, Jake comforts her not unlike how Raleigh did for Mako in the first film, and when she is kicked out of the project for messing with the recovered Obsidian Fury that leads to one of her fellow cadets injuring his hand, Jake comes to cheer her up and learns important information from her in the process. It finally reaches the conclusion during the final battle, where Amara takes over Nate as Jake's co-pilot and take down the Mega Kaiju together.
    • They begin to soften towards each other after Mako is killed. Amara admits she is poor with being sensitive and says she is sorry about Jake's sister or half-sister dying. While Jake makes clear he saw Mako as not being a step sister or half sister but a full sister.
  • Victoria showing pity for Amara after she's kicked out of the program, finally getting over the hatred she had for her earlier in the story. This leads to both of them being drift-compatible and they pilot Bracer Phoenix (along with another cadet) to their maximum efficiency.

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