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  • According to Mrs. Minz, having a baby means "you won't be the baby anymore". Yet, she herself is Joanna's mother, and lovingly keeps in touch with her from time to time.
    Joanna: Bye-bye, Mommy!
    Mrs. Minz: Bye-bye, Sweetie!
  • Joanna starts a water hose fight with Dean and the kids. It shows that she's developing a good-natured sense of humor for a change instead of responding to life with a bad temper.
  • Upon returning home one night, Dean finds that Joanna has cleaned the house like he's never seen before. For once, the house looks like, well, home.
    • After finding out she caught poison oak too, Dean offers that she can sleep on the bed tonight while he takes the couch.
      • Topped off with a (made-up) story about Joanna's life, about the time she used to work at a fast-food joint and saved a customer's life. (Slightly crosses into CMoF).
  • The montage where Joanna bonds with Dean and his family.
  • Joanna discovering that, to make ends meet, Dean has taken a night job shoveling manure. He's sacrificing his dignity to keep a roof over their heads. She's simply moved by this discovery.
  • After Dean proposes his idea of a mini-golf course to some potential benefactors, he returns home... to say they accepted! Joanna is so thrilled with the news of her 'husband's' success, it's hard to believe she's even the same bored, lazy Joanna who used to take money for granted. Talk about Character Development.
  • It was really cute watching the kids get attached to Joanna.
    "We like her dad!"
    • It's also a Tear Jerker when Dean begins to feel his sons are beginning to like her even more than their own father.
  • On the opening day of their new Mini-Golf Course, Dean proposes to Joanna (in the form of "getting her a new wedding ring")
  • Fridge Heartwarming: When she had amnesia, Joanna was told that her mother was not only a drunk, but dying from her excessive drinking. She looked genuinely devastated to learn this. But upon regaining her memory, it must've felt good to learn she still had a living mother.
  • After getting her memory back and returning to the yacht, Joanna earnestly apologizes to Andrew for how much of a Spoiled Brat she's been and for all the times she's mistreated him.
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  • Joey on the coast guard radio, equally hilarious and heartwarming.
    Joey: (in Pee-Wee Herman voice over the radio) STOP THAT BOAT IMMEDIATELY AND LET ME GET MY MOM!
  • When Dean finds out that Joanna is rich and not her "former" husband Grant. Doubles as a CMoF.
    • And just before that:
    Dean: CATARINA!
    Joanna: ARTURO!
  • Once Dean and Joanna are reunited.
    Dean: But it got me to thinking, though. What could I possibly give you ever that you don't already have?
    Joanna: A little girl.

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